Dream About Brother Dying: Why & Meanings

Waking up from a dream where you’ve seen your brother dying is a distressing experience, to say the least. It overwhelms you with fear, anxiety, and confusion. What’s even more troubling is trying to find the reasons behind dreaming this.

Is it a premonition? Is something going to happen to your brother? Should you be concerned about anything?

This article will discuss possible meanings behind such dreams and help you connect the dots between the dream scenario and your waking life experience.

What Does It Mean to See Your Brother Dying in a Dream?

First and foremost, you should know that seeing your brother dying in a dream doesn’t point to your sibling being in danger.

As you probably already know, dreams are images sent to us by our subconsciousness. They are linked to waking life experiences.

Therefore, dreaming of your brother dying can be associated with something you’ve gone through or felt in real life. Moreover, such dreams often say more about the dreamers themselves than other people appearing in them.

We’ve put together a list of six possible meanings behind seeing your brother dying in a dream. Even if you might not find an exact or specific answer, our discussion will certainly address some sensitive aspects of your life or relationship with your brother.

This way, you’ll eventually be able to trace your dream back to its roots.

1. Upcoming Changes

Dreaming about your brother dying is often associated with major changes happening in your life. This may concern your brother and your relationship with him or may indicate an entirely different life aspect.

If the dream can be linked to your sibling, then it indicates that your relationship is about to take a new course.

Is your brother moving to a different city or country? Maybe something is changing in his life and he won’t be around as much. Could it be that you’ve had a disagreement and your subconsciousness is trying to process it?

Your unconscious mind may also create such dreams as a response to important changes in your own life. You might be scared of what will happen next. You feel sad and lost, and your mind is simply trying to process these feelings.

2. Unresolved Problems

Some unresolved disputes between you and your brother can cause such disturbing dreams. This isn’t a sign that you’re so mad at your sibling that you want to see him suffer – which, unfortunately, is what usually comes up first in the dreamer’s mind.

It is simply a sign that you’re both going through a rough time, and your relationship is getting harmed in the process. Negative thoughts regarding unresolved problems between you two can undoubtedly be the root of seeing your brother dying in a dream.

Moreover, perhaps your brother did something wrong, and by dreaming of his death, you’re trying to process the fact that you don’t know how to handle the situation. Death in dreams can sometimes be seen as a rebirth, too.

3. Childhood Memories

The death of a brother in a dream was of significant importance to the research of Sigmund Freud, who traces it back to childhood memories.

As we all know, brothers and sisters don’t always have the most loving relationship. Even though your relationship with your brother is good now, this doesn’t mean your unconscious mind forgot your childhood.

This is only natural – as Freud states, “a child is absolutely egoistical; he feels his wants acutely, and strives remorselessly to satisfy them, especially against competitors, other children, and first of all against his brothers and sisters.”

All these memories sometimes resurface in the form of dreams, although early egoism is replaced by adult morality and altruistic impulses.

4. Stress and Anxiety

Seeing your brother dying in a dream can be caused by stress and anxiety. In fact, it may be classified as what scientists call “stress dreams.”

The anxiety you’re feeling in your waking life may or may not be related to your brother, and his presence in your dream may be purely coincidental.

But if you’re currently processing or living a traumatic experience or going through stressful situations, this is probably the reason behind your dream.

5. Helplessness and Guilt

Is your brother in trouble? Is he sick or having a rough time, and you can’t be there for him? It’s only natural for us to feel powerless when there’s nothing we can do to help the ones we love.

Such dreams are a way your subconsciousness is processing your feelings. And sometimes they aren’t even linked to your brother. He is only a symbol of another waking life aspect that makes you feel guilty and helpless.

6. Fear of Abandonment

Last but not least, the most painful dream meaning is that you’re afraid to lose your brother.

You may have abandonment issues or your brother is about to do something that makes you feel scared for his life, like parachuting. This is how your mind copes with the fear of losing your brother.

Remember that you can always talk things through with a therapist, who will help you deal with this fear.

Religious Meaning of Brother Dying in a Dream

Dreaming about your brother’s death can have a religious meaning, too. Maybe he did something you consider immoral and unethical.

The Bible says, “For the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23), which may indicate that seeing your brother dying in your dream could be an embodiment of the fact that you consider him guilty of what he did.

You can also consider the Buddhism doctrine and practice, which imply that death is linked to rebirth and only death can bring enlightenment.

Hinduism describes death as a process of reincarnation – that is, the soul leaves the body when the latter isn’t capable of carrying the conscious self in it anymore. This process usually erases all memories.

Considering these ideas, you may have dreamt about your brother dying if he’s experiencing significant changes. He’ll soon experience a metaphorical death – either moral or physical.

In fact, you could be the one going through some changes. Thus you’ve only dreamed about your brother dying because he’s a supportive figure in your life and you always rely on him in stressful situations.

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5 Scenarios of Dream About Brother Dying

brother dying in dream

While it would be impossible to describe every dream you may have had about your brother dying, we’ve interpreted the most common ones. They can help you further connect the dots. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Younger Brother Dying in a Dream

The meaning of such a dream can be traced back to Sigmund Freud’s book “Interpretation of Dreams.” He states that seeing your younger brother dying in a dream can be linked to childhood jealousy.

Even though you’ve overcome these feelings as an adult and you’re now in a good relationship with your brother, there may be some unprocessed feelings from your childhood memories that are trying to resurface.

It may also be that you, as the older sibling, are worried about your little brother. Is he struggling with work or personal life? Are you trying to help him, but you can’t really do anything else besides being there for him?

2. Dreaming of Your Older Brother Dying

Just as it is for the previous scenario, seeing your older brother dying in your dream may be linked to childhood memories. While older brothers feel jealous as kids, younger siblings are often revolted and furious, as Freud states in his book.

Despite not having any recollections of being angry with your older brother, there may still be some unresolved feelings your unconscious is eager to process.

The thought of losing your older brother may also cause such dreams. You experience fear and anxiety at the image of being left without his love and protection.

3. Dreaming of Deceased Brother Dying Again

Seeing someone who passed away in our dreams is more common than one would think. Sigmund Freud classifies these dreams as absurd dreams.

They are usually connected to your feelings regarding what happened. Did this happen recently in waking life? Have you processed your grief? Do you have any regrets?

If your brother passed away years ago, this dream might’ve been triggered by something that happened recently and had a connection to your deceased sibling. Maybe you talked to someone about him or a family reunion reminded you of the beautiful moments spent together.

Dreaming of your deceased brother is seen as a connection with him from a spiritual perspective. If you see him die again in a dream, it may be a sign for you to let him go and process your grief so that you could live life to the fullest.

4. Dreaming of Brother Dying in an Accident

If you dream about your brother dying in an accident – be it a car accident, drowning, or a plane crash – you’re probably just processing your fear, anxiety, insecurity, and powerlessness.

Such dreams stem from the feeling of not being able to control your life or a certain situation, which may even include your brother.

Besides, is it possible that your brother has somehow disappointed you, and this dream is an embodiment of what he did? Or could it be that you’re feeling guilty about something you did that disappointed him?

Dreams of this nature can also be linked to feelings of fear or anxiety concerning your relationships, career, or goals. Perhaps you’re facing some challenges in certain aspects of your life and don’t know how to deal with them.

You should probably rethink the situation and reconsider your options. Remember that dedication and perseverance will help you find a solution!

Freud provides another interesting interpretation of such dreams. The founder of psychoanalysis states that dreams of death under terrible circumstances, such as car accidents, suffocation, or flying accidents, are linked to heart and lung diseases.

5. Dreaming about Your Brother Dying of Disease

Seeing your brother dying of a disease like cancer is probably just the embodiment of your fear of losing him or getting sick yourself.

You can consider it a sign to call your brother, reconnect with him, spend quality time together, and create beautiful memories. Although this dream isn’t a premonition of either of you getting sick, it can be regarded as an incentive to improve your relationship.

This scenario may also point to feelings of helplessness in certain situations, which may include your brother but can be extended to other people you care about. Don’t forget that you’re helping them tremendously just by being there when they need you.

If it makes you feel reassured, you and your brother can check with a doctor if any regular blood tests are needed.


Dreaming about your brother dying is probably one of the worst unconscious experiences ever. Upon waking up, it’s essential to remember that this dream doesn’t necessarily carry negative connotations.

It can symbolize various things, including a spiritual rebirth caused by imminent changes in your or your brother’s life.

Don’t forget that our dreams are always connected to waking life experiences. Stay confident that, in time, you’ll understand what your subconsciousness was trying to convey.

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