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Sleep Sounds is an online tool designed to provide you with a variety of free sleeping sounds known to induce sleep and sustain good-quality slumber throughout the night.

Sleep Sounds provides a mixing feature where you can create unique sleep music by combining different sounds into one soothing sleeping mix. For example, instead of playing ocean sounds for sleep, you can create a mix of ocean sounds as well as rain and thunderstorms, all on the same track.

Users can mix a wide range of sounds including thunderstorms, wind, ocean sounds, waves, campfire, creek, piano, birds, seagulls, crickets, light rain, heavy rain, etc.

We also offer several pre-made sleeping sound combinations, blending popular calming sounds. For example, there’s the “Nature-Forest-Stream-Birds” mix, which transports you to a tranquil forest, complete with the gentle flow of a stream and the melodic chirping of birds on a peaceful morning.

How To Use Sleep Sounds

Follow this step-by-step guide to use Sleep Sounds:

  1. Under the “Sleep Sounds Mixer” section, select the play button and slide the volume slider to increase or decrease the volume. Since you haven’t chosen a sleeping sound yet, you won’t hear any sound at this stage.
  2. Proceed to select your preferred sleeping sound from the selection directly below. Slide the slider from left to right to play your sleep sound of choice. Slide to the furthest right to increase the volume to its maximum. You will now hear the sound playing.
  3. With your first selection playing, you can proceed to select your second sleeping sound by sliding the slider of a second option from left to right. Both sounds will now play simultaneously.
  4. You can go on and select as many sounds as you want to create a unique mix. Play around with different variations and volumes to find your sweet spot.
  5. More Sounds for Sleep” offers pre-built mixes for convenience when you’re short on time. Simply click the play button to choose one.

What Sound Is Scientifically Proven to Help Sleep?

Sleep experts recommend changing sleeping behaviors instead of relying on sleep medications to improve sleep. One effective change is listening to calming music or sounds before or during bedtime.

In fact, listening to relaxing ambient sounds has been found to reduce the severity of insomnia and works as well as using sleeping pills such as benzodiazepine “benzos”.

The better news is you do not need to listen to specific sounds or music. Any type of music can be used to mask ambient noises, distract your mind, and offer a pleasurable feeling when drifting into slumber.

However, certain nature sounds, as well as white and green noise, have been found to offer more consistent and significant improvements in sleep, particularly in noisy environments.

This is because these types of sounds, especially white noise, are better at masking environmental noises that may interrupt sleep. Hence, keeping you in sleep longer and more consistently.

Sounds known to improve sleep include:

  1. White Noise – Includes all sound frequencies that can be heard by the human ear, including fan noises, vacuuming sounds, radio static, and AC humming. White noise becomes a blanket when it’s produced by layering multiple sound frequencies.  
  2. Green Noise – Green noises are simply amplified middle-range white noises. They are known as nature’s lullaby because they mimic the sounds of nature. Examples include a gust of wind, insect noises, rolling waves, and rushing waterfalls.
  3. Pink Noise – Includes the sound of a steady river, ocean waves on a beach, and light rain. Pink noises are consistent frequencies with more even and flat sounds.
  4. Brown/Red Noise – These are lower frequencies with intense sounds. Examples include thunderstorms, heavy rain, and waves crashing.

Green, Pink, and Brown Noises are soothing, offering a relaxing feeling that makes you sleep faster.

With these positive effects, sleeping sounds should be at the forefront of your sleep hygiene since they are also low-cost, effective, accessible, and fun.

However, it should be noted that sleep sounds do not affect each person in the same way. This is where Sleep Sounds comes in.

By providing a wide range of noises, Sleep Sounds offers a playground to experiment with different sounds to see what works for you.

Combine different noises to see which soothing sounds are more effective at helping you sleep. Once you find the ones that work, proceed to use them regularly to make a healthy bedtime routine.

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SleepPilot APP Functions

For better improvements in sleep quality, combine Sleep Sounds with the Sleep Pilot App. This integrated app not only tracks your sleep quality but also includes the functionality of Sleep Sounds, allowing you to customize your own sleep music. It helps monitor your sleep and offers personalized tips to improve it.

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