Dream About Driving a Car Meaning

Did you know that dreams about driving a car are among the most common dreams? These dreams are widely spread across many societies and are neither interpreted as good omens nor bad omens. The dream’s meaning depends on the specific scenarios happening to the dreamer.

According to a survey done by Psychology Today, 14.9 percent of dreams have something to do with a car. Also, about 9 percent of dreams involve the dreamer driving a car. The dream scenarios vary extensively, but one common theme is that the dreamers reported an out-of-control car.

Read on to learn of the many symbolism associated with out-of-control cars in car dreams. Get to know the most common examples of such dreams and what they may symbolize about your current life journey.

Dream About Driving A Car Meaning: Things to Remember

A dream journal is a highly recommended tool for anyone who wants to know about the meaning of their dreams. Having one on your nightstand will go a long way in diving deeper into what the subconscious mind is trying to communicate to you.

When it comes to dreams about driving a car, there are a few things you will want to jot down:

  • Who is driving – The driver is often the front and center of these dreams. If you are the one driving, you will need to pay attention to what happens to you; however, if it is someone else driving, you will need to pay attention to them, what happens to them, and how that makes you feel.
  • How do you feel – Almost all dreams bring to the surface our deepest emotions. Emotions are also a good way to know your dream’s meaning. You can have a dream scenario with different meanings depending on your feelings.
  • Type of car and its condition – A new and luxurious car signifies more good omens than a beat-up old car. It is also important to write down the exact scenarios in the dream: driving with someone, running out of gas, your ability to drive, driving at night, etc.
  • Your current life situation – This is the most important. Dreams only bring into context the things that are happening in our lives. They are a mirror of how we feel, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

15 Most Common Dreams About Driving A Car

1. Dream of Driving A Car with Someone

Driving with someone in the dream indicates your close friendship or romantic relationship. This dream is a good omen when you are the one driving, and you are both having a good time. In this case, it shows you are at a point in your life’s journey where you are surrounded by people you trust and feel safe around.

However, the dream is a bad omen when you are not the one driving. In such a case, the dream is trying to tell you that you are surrounded by people who are trying to take control of your life, and you do not feel safe with them as the drivers.

2. Dream of Driving A New Car

This is a good omen dream. A new car is a symbol of success, prosperity, and growth. The dream is a manifestation of the great things that are about to happen in your life. You may have gotten a better-paying job or taken a positive step into achieving something profound in your life.

Dreaming about driving a new car can also symbolize a new path. Your subconscious mind manifests how it feels to be on this new adventure. Positive emotions while driving the car show that great things will happen to you. Negative emotions, on the other hand, show that you may need to be cautious.

3. Dreaming of A Car Crush

A car crash in a dream is very frightening. Such dreams may leave you sweating and drenching your sheets as you question their meaning. The bad news is that a car crash in your dream is a bad omen. It means you are doing something or have done something that will lead to disastrous outcomes.

It may also be a good omen symbolizing your fears and anxieties that make you question your abilities. You may be feeling overwhelmed about a certain task and worry that you may screw things up. Your mind is trying to tell you to deal with your fears, or they may stop you from reaching your goals.

4. Dreams About Driving When You Can’t Drive

A lot of people who can’t drive dream about driving; it is a very common thing.

The dream indicates your huge potential if you are a good driver in the dream despite your lack of knowledge on the matter then. You are more capable than you think and can handle the biggest challenges despite your ignorance on some matters.

The dream indicates you are losing control if you are a terrible driver in the dream. It shows you are way over your head and need to take a few steps back to educate yourself on a given matter.

5. Dreaming About Driving A Car for The First Time

This example is a good omen primarily associated with new beginnings and monumental transformation in your real life. It means you are making positive changes and looking forward to being more than you are today.

6. Dreaming of Someone Else Driving A Car Backwards

Driving a car backward is harder than driving forward. It is also slower and unconventional. A dream of this kind indicates a path that is rarely taken. You may be trying to achieve something through unconventional means, which are slower but more fulfilling.

Since you are always keen when reversing, the dream may also symbolize your attention to detail. You are confident in what you are doing, and no obstacle can stop you from reaching your goals.

However, if you do not feel confident in the dream, then the dream is a warning sign for the challenges ahead on the unconventional path you are pursuing.

7. Dream of Deceased Father or Mother Driving Car

Family car rides are one of the most cherished memories a family could ever have. Many of us were taught how to drive by our parents and we shared many great memories in these vehicles. Dreaming about a deceased parent driving a car is your mind’s way of reminiscing on the good memories.

It is also a good omen that reminds you of how great of a job your parent did raising you. You feel more confident that they are the drivers and you are the passenger learning from them. It is your mind trying to tell you to trust what they taught you since they will never lead you astray.

8. Dream About Driving Car into Water

Water is a symbol of an emotional dilemma in dreams. If you are the one driving the car into the water, then the dream is an indication of how your emotions can lead you to failure.

In case the dream is about someone else driving a car into the water, then your mind is trying to tell you that someone else is controlling your emotions. You need to pay more attention to how others make you feel and avoid sabotaging yourself by listening to bad influencers.

9. Dream About Driving A Car Out of Control

Losing control when driving the car indicates losing control over your pursuits in real life. The car may be losing control because you cannot drive well or because you are drunk. Either case, it is the way your subconscious mind is telling you to be cautious of how you are leading your life.

You may be on a dangerous path, and you are not skilled enough to take on this challenge. The dream is a reminder of how ill-equipped you are and that you will have to learn more to be successful in your endeavors.

The dream also symbolizes an overwhelmed mind.

10. Driving A Car Without Gas Dream

Running out of gas in a dream shows that you have hit a roadblock in your waking life. You may be exhausted because of a crisis that is making it harder for you to chase your dreams. It is your mind trying to tell you you are drained and running on fumes. You need to take a break and breath.

The dream can also show that you do not have the right tools to be pursuing what you are in your life. It is the mind trying to tell you to equip yourself with the relevant skills and tools to see your goals to the very end. Otherwise, you will not succeed.

11. Dream Driving Car from Back Seat

The one in control is never in the back seat. If you are seated in the back seat in your dream, then you already know how the feeling was unsettling. It means you are not in control of your life, your potential may be lower than your goals, and the society is moving too fast that you feel like you cannot match up.

This is your mind manifesting your insecurities and lack of confidence in whatever goals you are pursuing. It is not a prediction but a warning for you to heed and take back control of your dreams and ambitions.

12. Dreaming of Driving A Car at Night

Dreaming of Driving A Car at Night

A dream about driving a car at night comes in different shapes and forms. It is a good omen when you can drive your vehicle with lots of confidence and zero stress during the night.

It means you know exactly where you are going, and there is no form of obstacles or dark times that can stop you from reaching your destination.

However, you may feel lost, anxious, stressed, or worried when driving at night. This is an indication of how you feel about a given situation in real life. Maybe you are pursuing a certain goal, but you are not confident in your abilities to get it done. You may feel like you do not have all the knowledge or skill to make your dreams come true.

13. Dream About Driving A Car Too Fast

Cars on the road symbolize a direction in life. It means you are speeding up too fast on your goals, and although it is exciting and exhilarating, you are also making it easy for yourself to be thrown off course or into dangerous situations.

The good side of a speeding vehicle is when you start driving slower. A dream about driving a car slowly is a good omen that means you are headed in the right direction while taking all the necessary precautions.

The dream is a good omen since it manifests your cautious nature. However, it can also be an indication of your anxieties and fears that make you derail lots of progress in your life. In that case, the dream manifestation is trying to tell you to hurry up a bit because you can’t live in fear.

14. Dream of Driving an Old Car

An old car is rarely in great health, it may have worn out paint, bad tires, broken side mirrors, or a terrible engine. Dreaming about such a vehicle shows you are not well equipped to be pursuing what you are in your waking life.

However, if the old car is in great working condition, with enviable vintage vibes, then the dream is your mind’s way of telling you to hold onto old memories. Holding onto the past rarely serves you good, but some traditions and memories are worth holding onto.

15. Dream of Driving A Luxury Car

Nothing screams success like an impressively made luxurious car. The car may be luxurious in worldly terms, but you can also dream of a car you think is luxurious, but most people consider it otherwise.

In such a dream, the car symbolizes your rise to success and prosperity. You are on the verge of accomplishing great things and achieving all you have ever set your mind to.

Summing Up

As you can tell, dreams about driving a car have more to do with your life journey than anything else. These dreams are an indication of our life’s dreams and purpose. Pay more attention to such dreams because they can show you things you are afraid to confront.

Remember to jot down your dream scenarios in your dream diary. It will help you gain more clarity and become better at interpreting your dreams.

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