Dream of Kissing Someone on The Lips Meaning

Whether you view dreams as an under-researched physiological process or a way of communication between your conscious and subconscious mind, the fact is that dreams never leave us indifferent.

Our fascination with dreams may lie in the fact that we do not control them, cannot influence them, and often do not even understand their meaning or origin.

dreaming of kissing someone on the lips

And while the images, scenes, characters, or situations in our dreams may seem unreal or confusing, the emotions we experience are real enough that we often feel their intensity even after we wake up.

One of the dreams that most of us have experienced and always carries a strong emotion in the background is the dream of a kiss on the lips.

Dream of Kiss On The Lips – A General Meaning

In real life, a kiss on the lips is always an expression of trust, closeness, and intimate connection with another person.

This unique contact between two people condenses the strongest and most sublime human emotions. We always associate it with positive emotions such as pleasure, happiness, and love.

This dream can generally foreshadow a period or event that will bring you satisfaction, inner peace, or emotional stability.

Transported to the ethereal zone of dreams, a kiss on the lips also carries a positive dimension. This dream can generally foreshadow a period or event that will bring you satisfaction, inner peace, or emotional stability.

Yet, the accurate interpretation of such a dream is not limited to a mere touch of lips.

Circumstances under which it happened and those who kissed in a dream can give it a different meaning.

But before we dive into the world of interpretation, let’s see how prominent monotheistic religions like Christianity or Islam treat the kiss on the lips.

Biblical Meaning

In the Bible, the kiss on the lips has ambiguous meanings. It can state that you are happy with your current partner, who is very supportive, and your relationship is going in the right direction.

However, the Bible also mentions Judas’ kiss – a well-known symbol of ultimate betrayal! You will quickly understand this concept if you have experienced disloyalty from those closest to you.

Islamic Culture Meaning

In Islamic culture, this dream shows devotion, respect, and a sign of love. It could include physical passion but also a spiritual bond between two persons.

The dream reveals your longing or needs to find your soulmate. You are a person who needs support and often someone’s guidance.

Psychological Aspect

Psychologists interpret a dream about a kiss on the lips in two ways. Their perception of the dream depends on the emotion it produces.

If you enjoyed that kiss, it’s a sign of emotional stability. You are a person satisfied with yourself and the life you create. You trust your immediate environment and the choices you make.

But, if that kiss was an unpleasant experience, it is a sign of emotional difficulties. You have a hard time making connections with other people.

The reasons may be some unpleasant experiences from the past. In this way, your past shapes your present preventing you from accepting and giving love.

Dream of Kissing On the Lips in Different Contexts

dream meaning kiss on the lips

The accurate interpretation of such a dream is not limited to a mere touch of lips.

Circumstances under which it happened and those who kissed in a dream can give it a different meaning. Let’s see some of the possible scenarios below.

Dream of Kissing A Stranger on The Lips

In general, this dream can mean new experiences and a new beginning. You are ready to embark on a new adventure, emotional or business.

The dream suggests positive life changes. At the same time, you are not worried about the unknown and are determined to explore the new possibilities that life offers you.

Kissing a stranger’s lips in this context means you are unafraid of changes. So, you wish for them or expect them with much hope and trust.

Dream of An Unwanted Kiss from a Stranger

A stranger’s kiss against your will may show suppression of feelings. You might not feel comfortable in your skin.

The discomfort you feel from that unwanted kiss follows you in real life. You often feel uncomfortable because you do not find the right way to achieve your plans or desires.

You lack the confidence and determination to face your fears. You choose the shadow instead of the sunny side because you don’t like to be in the foreground or the center of events.

But your subconscious suggests that hiding is not the solution. For a change, you should try to take the initiative!

Dream of Kissing Your Crush on The Lips

It is one of the most common dreams that each of us has. Thinking about someone all the time opens the door to our dreams. Consciousness and subconsciousness are joined vessels in which the content is poured from one to the other.

A kiss in a dream with someone you long for is a wish from reality realized in a dream. What you hope, imagine, and think in reality will dominate your dreams.

If you wake up before a kiss, it may indicate your weaknesses and insecurities. Ask yourself if you perhaps like someone who is out of your league. You may be afraid that that person will not reciprocate your love.

Dream of Kissing Your Friend on The Lips

There are many ways to express affection to friends, but a kiss on the lips is usually not one of them. Thus, a dream where you kiss a close friend on the lips can seem confusing or even cause unpleasant feelings.

Yet, this does not necessarily mean you are subconsciously trying to turn your friendship into a romance. Such a dream should not make you feel uncomfortable. A kiss is the ultimate expression of emotion, synonymous with trust and affection.

You probably feel safe and appreciated in the company of that person. Your dream could be a simple replica of how much you adore and respect them. Keep watering your friendship, and enjoy watching it grow.

Dream of Kissing Your Husband or Wife on The Lips

Interesting, but most dream interpreters agree that a dream about a kiss from your husband or wife indicates flaws in your relationship.

Maybe your relationship has been covered by routine, or you have forgotten how important it is to show your emotions to your partner due to your daily responsibilities. You probably missed the time when you were focused on each other.

So, take this dream as a warning! Don’t let your emotional life turn into a predictable routine. Try to bring a spark of surprise into your relationship.

Dream of Kissing Your Ex on The Lips

Just because you dreamed of a kiss with your ex, it doesn’t always mean you miss that person. Maybe you’re just missing the good times, the feelings, and the moments you had.

It’s normal for these dreams to show up since the closeness you feel is stored in your memory.

Yet, the dream can also mean dissatisfaction with the current relationship or partner. Something is missing in your new romance. You are unhappy with some aspects of the relationship but may not want to see it.

Dream Kissing A Celebrity on The Lips

If you kiss a celebrity in your dream, it does not necessarily mean you want to be part of the world of fame, power, success, and wealth! In other words, it is not proof that you want the attention of your environment or that you are only focused on acquiring material wealth.

Many dream interpreters claim that this dream links you and hard work. You may be positively ambitious and dedicated to your professional engagement. You are probably focused on achieving your goals and rightly expect your efforts to be recognized.

Acceptance of your close ones or business partners is more important to you than the material effects of your work.

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In this article, we have tried to bring you only some of the many meanings a kiss on the lips can have. Dreams, like life, are an endless sea of combinations and possibilities. There are countless scenarios in which such a kiss can happen.

Our individual characteristics largely determine what we dream and how we interpret them.

Therefore, the next time you dream of kissing someone’s lips, try to find its meaning in one of the offered answers.

And don’t forget that, despite everything, a kiss in life and a dream are pleasant experiences! It tells you that you are important to someone and worthy of someone’s attention!

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