Dream of Someone Getting Married Meaning

Generally, dreams about a wedding are signs of important events ahead of you. In fact, a wedding in real life is a fateful event on which the rest of someone’s life probably depends the most.

Dreaming of your wedding, undoubtedly, is a signal of an upcoming change with a strong impact on your entire life. But what does a dream mean in which you attend someone else’s wedding? Is it a positive sign or a harbinger of sudden tragedies and even death, as some ancient interpretations suggest?

dream of someone getting married

The answer to this question is not a simple yes-no formula! Dreams are a complex matter with a spiritual, psychological, and cultural background. And each of these aspects can influence the interpretation of such a dream!

Spiritual Meaning of Someone Getting Married in a Dream

Weddings can be viewed from several angles, including psychology, religion, and even law. Thus, the dream interpretation of weddings is layered and equally complex.

Yet, here, we have singled out only some of the fundamental spiritual characteristics of the dream.

Joy and Happiness

In real life, this ceremonial event is accompanied by general good cheer, joy, rapture, love, music, and dancing. Spiritually, a dream about a wedding can portend a period of joy, relaxation, goodwill, and success.

New Beginning

Putting the festival atmosphere aside, a wedding is a serious step towards a new phase of life. It is a turning point after which the lives of two people will never be the same again. Spiritually, it represents symbiosis, complementation, and connection with another person on an entirely new level.

The End of a Life Phase

In the same context, a wedding marks the end of a chapter in life. It is the first step on the new life path. And you might feel concealed uncertainty or insecurity because of that.

Adventurism is not in everyone’s nature. Many people prefer the safety of the known to the uncertainty of change.

Not every change indeed is a step forward for the better! But it is also true that you cannot know the outcome until you try!

Is it Good to See Marriage in Dream?

Despite some ancient interpretations, seeing someone else’s wedding in a dream is a positive sign. It refers to a new beginning, possible business progress, job, or career advancement.

Emotionally, the dream confirms your readiness to accept a serious relationship. That implies commitment and a deep connection with another person. Marriage or a permanent relationship is what you are aiming for.

As a person, you may enter a stage of maturity where you are no longer interested in experiments, shallow relationships, or adventures. Your subconscious indicates you need stability and support, not short-lived pleasures.

Besides, a wedding in a dream can hint at a new relationship or meeting that can change your life.

Does Dreaming About Someone Getting Married Mean Death?

Before we answer this question, it is important to understand the symbolic connections between these two antitheses.

Symbolism of Opposites

As we have already emphasized, a wedding is a ceremony with a positive atmosphere associated with excitement and joy. On the other hand, death is everything contrary to it: sadness, loss, grief, and misfortune.

Yet, death and marriage have in common that they both represent some kind of completion.

Marriage is the end of a period of life, while death is the ultimate end of a life cycle. Although completely different, the following changes after these two points are equally irreversible.

Viewed from that angle, it seems clear why dreaming of someone’s wedding could be seen as announcing the death of someone close or important to you.

Symbolism of Change

Yet,  the idea of the end does not necessarily have to indicate death since it can also be seen as a point of change.

Change, by definition, implies the end of a known and the beginning of an unknown situation or condition. Likewise, death does not necessarily represent the absolute end. It may be the point at which another aspect of our existence begins, as all world religions teach. In this context, marriage and death are symbolically linked.

Fear of the Unknown

Our natural fear of the unknown is another basis for the association between marriage and death.

In both cases, we discuss the interpretation of symbols, not unequivocal predictions. Thus, instead of the apprehension you may feel about a dream in which you saw someone’s wedding, consider the many other aspects a dream may have.

A Dream About the Wedding of a Friend

For the correct interpretation of this dream, how you feel while dreaming is very important. Dreams are special experiences that often do not follow what you feel in reality.

A Sense of Comfort in the Dream

Attending a friend’s wedding in a dream indicates that your friend expects or needs your support, understanding, or approval for some important decisions.

If in your dream you felt comfortable, even in a very good mood, you are aware of the importance that person attaches to you. It is also a suggestion to accept someone’s outstretched hand. Do not ignore other people’s dilemmas; show more sensitivity to those around you.

A Feeling of Discomfort

If you felt uncomfortable in that dream, it may mean that you do not agree with some important decisions that your friends make but that you did nothing to tell and explain it.

Your negative attitude in a positive environment can also indicate the insincerity with which you act in some circumstances. You may be trying to suppress jealousy, envy, or feelings of inferiority that are weighing on your relationship with that person.

Also, this kind of dream can show your maladjustment and lack of social skills. In both cases, building a positive attitude towards your close ones would be good. Adapting yourself instead of waiting for them to change because of you!

Dream of Ex Getting Married

Ex-partner marrying someone else in real life can cause various feelings. You can feel relief, sadness, or anger. Partners experience the end of a relationship differently.

Dreams mirror your real-life feelings. Their interpretation depends on how you feel when dreaming of your ex-partner saying the fateful ‘’I do!‘’

Feeling of Satisfaction

The dream foreshadows a positive period if you feel comfortable and relaxed dreaming of your ex-partner in front of the altar with another person. Moreover, you may feel relief in some emotional or business undertaking.

You are ahead of a period of happiness, hope, and changes for the better. It might be a professional success, a new job, and, in general, a step towards a better and more fulfilling life.

Feeling Sad or Disappointed

A dream with such an emotional background indicates a period of stress, depression, and emotional insecurity. You could feel betrayed, regardless of how you feel about your ex-partner in real life.

Something from your past negatively affects your perception and prevents you from moving on. If you want to feel comfortable in your skin, turn to the future. You cannot change the past. Learn from it, but don’t let it capture you.

My Cousin Getting Married in My Dream

For those already in a relationship, this dream indicates your desire to go one step further with your current partner.

Perhaps you are ready to introduce a sexual element into the relationship. Or you want to introduce your partner to the family and make your relationship official. In any case, the dream shows that you want or expect more from the relationship you have.

If you are alone, this dream hints at a relaxed, fruitful period in which you will achieve all your goals without much effort.

Dream About Boyfriend Getting Married to Someone Else

A dream about your current partner marrying another person has several interpretations. Here are some of the most characteristics:


You might be unsure about your partner’s feelings. Instinctively, you are afraid that you are not entering the relationship with the same enthusiasm and giving much more than you are getting.

The feeling may or not correspond to reality. Sometimes it is a pretense stemming from a lack of self-confidence. So, it would be best if you talked openly with your partner. Tell him your fears and suspicions. If you are right, ending that unhealthy relationship is a better option.


One of the frequent interpretations of this dream is that its primary meaning indicates your concern about some aspect of your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about your emotional life or relationship.

The worry that presses you can be related to your work, family, and even your health or the health of your loved ones. A vague foreboding that is weighing you down could very soon turn into a real problem.

But it could be mere wishful thinking. Don’t bother yourself! Try to find answers by clearly stating what worries you. That’s the only way you can determine if your worries are justified.


Dreaming of the person you are emotionally attached to with someone else in front of the altar may mean you will soon experience some great and painful disappointment.

It can be caused by someone in your social circle, not necessarily your partner. Someone is not sincere in their relationship with you, which could become very clear soon.

Yet, disappointment can also come from unfortunate circumstances in which the plan you made with hope, joy, and passion can fail.

Dream of Daughter Getting Married

Although there are different interpretations of the dream in which you dream of your daughter’s wedding, most dream interpreters agree that it is a good sign and indicates a period of happiness, well-being, inner peace, and contentment.

Also, this kind of dream is often a sign of positive closure, ending a period of uncertainty with a happy ending.

Yet, some dream interpreters prefer to rely on the psychological dimension of the relationship between parents and daughter and see the dream as a subconscious fear of mutual distance or loss of control and insight into your daughter’s life.

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Each wedding dream interpretation is only a hint, clue, or direction you should explore. Dreams are a complex process full of hidden signals and meanings often best understood by the dreamer.

Sometimes, to understand the meaning of this dream, you have to be honest and explore even those corners of your soul that you usually ignore.

Therefore, our interpretations are only a framework within which you can look for similarities or identify what applies to you!

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