Dreams About Dog Poop: Symbolism & Meaning

Dreams about dog poop can be as benign as a dog pooping on the grass or as frightening and disconcerting as dog poop in your mouth. Regardless of the scenario in your dream, you can rest assured that a dream about dog poop is considered good luck in many cultures and spiritual beliefs.

However, like other dreams, it is important always to pay attention to the particular scenarios in the dream. Dog poop from your favorite pet dog can differ from a strange dog’s poop. The dream also has a different meaning depending on how you feel after the experience.

A dream journal is important in this regard since it will help you document all the necessary details needed for the dog poop dream interpretation. Read on to know what your particular dog poop dream means and the various symbolism involved in dog poop.

The Symbolism of A Dream About Dog Poop

Good Luck

Dog poop is associated with good luck in many cultures across the world, from China to France and Africa.

In France, stepping on dog poop with your left foot is good luck, but it can mean bad luck when you step on the poop with your right foot. It is stated that the French view of dog poop came from how nonchalant the Parisians were about dog poop spread across their streets.

Scottish believe every aspect of a dog is good luck in a dream since the creature is associated with faithful companionship. However, there is an exception to the rule – if a dog follows you home on a rainy day, then the dog is associated with bad luck.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in China, dog poop means good luck? The phrase ‘走狗屎运’ (meaning ‘dog shit lucky’) is often used when someone gets something done out of sheer luck, like winning a lottery. The phrase is also used to mean that someone will get rich or something good will happen to them.

A good example of the China view of dog shit luck is the story of Zhāng Yīmíng, who founded TikTok and took over the social media world almost by sheer luck. Many of Zhāng’s colleagues say that he is dog shit lucky, a phrase that is said to have originated from ancient farmers in China.

According to legend, Chinese farmers associated dog poop with luck and fortune since the dog excrement was used as fertilizers in their farms. Moreover, the language’s character for ‘woof’ sounds similar to the character for prosperity.

Breakthroughs and Blessings

Dog poop equates to luck in many cases but can also be a symbol of blessings to come based on your pursuits and desires. The blessing may come in terms of fortune or close connections with the people around you, providing a healthier and more trustworthy relationship.

This is more so the case when you notice the dog poop in your dream is close to your house or inside your personal space. It is an encouragement from the universe to keep going on the path that you have currently set up for yourself. It is also an indication of the great support you have around you.

Confidence and Security

Dogs are loyal and trustworthy companions that help us with many tasks, from keeping us safe to providing unconditional love. Poop from a dog is used in many cultures to symbolize the confidence you have in yourself to accomplish a given task despite the unpleasantness of the situation.

It is a sign of security and confidence in your choices. Dog poop is an assurance that keeps you from getting alarmed at the steps you may need to take to achieve your dreams. It is a reminder of your strength and capabilities.

Incoming Misfortunes

It can be quite uncomfortable to see a dog poop. The feeling is not pleasant and usually emotes a sense of discomfort, anxiety, and worry. If this is what you associate dog excrement with, then your dog poop dream symbolizes incoming misfortune that can cross many boundaries, from your finances to your relationships.

It is a reminder of the feelings you are currently experiencing and a reminder to check the path on which you are on for bad energy or bad decisions.

An example of such a dream is when the dog poops in your bed. This dream symbolizes the problems you may be having with your partner. It reminds you that things aren’t as good as they could be between you two and that you feel embarrassed or uneasy about it.

Dog poo is also known to carry and attract many sorts of bacteria and dangerous animals; in fact, dog poop can attract snakes into your house. This is a common occurrence and something that a lot of dog owners fear. Seeing dog poop lying around the yard can symbolize danger and unforeseen trouble coming your way.

Bad Luck

The French are not the only ones who believe that stepping on dog poop can be bad luck. None of us would consider stepping on a landmine as good luck. It seems only natural why most people are disgusted and tend to have a bad day when they step on dog poop.

Not only do your shoes get dirty, but you also have to deal with the emotions of having such an unexpected, uncomfortable ordeal happen. In this regard, stepping on dog poop is considered bad luck. But what if you haven’t stepped on it?

Negative Emotions like Embarrassment

dream of dog pooping

We do not like it when our dogs poop on the floor, regardless of how much we love them. It is an embarrassing thing, especially when you have guests over. Dog pooping on the floor in your dream symbolizes an embarrassing incident that is about to happen or has already happened and made you uncomfortable.

The popular psychologist Sigmund Freud noted that dreams about animal poop have something to do with our waking life’s uncomfortable emotions, including fear, embarrassment, humiliation, insecurities, and worry.

Please pay attention to the negative emotions that the dog poop dreams invoke in you. A feeling of humiliation can signify your fear of being exposed to workmates or friends. A feeling of shame can signify the embarrassment you feel when you make mistakes or let your insecurities show.

9 Most Common Examples of Dog Poop Dreams

There are many scenarios in which dog poop can present itself in a dream. Before we dive in, it is important to remember that according to psychologists, sometimes dog poop is just dog poop and has no existential meaning to it.

The dream meaning comes in if you strongly associate the dog poop with your emotions. Keep an eye on the emotional turmoil or positive feelings that a dog poop dream brings to your waking life.

1. Dream of Picking Up Dog Poop

Dream of Picking Up Dog Poop

Picking up dog poop shows that you are trying to hide or cover up something about your life that brings you shame/worry. It means that you are struggling with a part of you that you are not sure the world is ready to see. You may be worried about how shameful and uncomfortable it might be to reveal that part of yourself to the world.

It is your mind trying to guide you into letting your feelings go and becoming confident in your decisions regardless of how the world might view you.

2. Dreaming of Dog Poop on the Grass

Dog poop on the grass means unwanted elements are contaminating your beautiful space. Maybe someone is sabotaging the progress you have made in your job. It can also mean there is a new third party that is affecting the relationship you have with your loved ones.

3. Dreaming of Dog Poop on the Floor

Dog poop on the floor is something you need to pay close attention to since it hits closer to home. It signifies an embarrassing ordeal that is happening close to you. You may be doing something that is raising a few eyebrows, or someone is affecting how well-presented you are, causing you to feel shame.

4. Dreaming of Dog Poop on Your Bed

Dog poop in your bed symbolizes good luck in your personal relationship. It can also mean bad luck if you and your partner are experiencing some hardships, but in most cases, it is good luck, especially when it is from your pet.

It can also show how your newly found love makes your pet dog feel. The dog is jealous of your relationship and how closer you are to your lover.

5. Dreaming of Stepping on Dog Poop

As you have seen earlier, a dream of you stepping on dog poop is a sign of bad luck. The luck is only bad if you step on the dog poop with your left leg. Good luck may be associated with financial breakthroughs or prosperous relationships in the future.

You may look at stepping on dog poop as bad luck if you pay a lot of care to your hygiene and cleanliness. In this case, stepping on dog poop is an indicator of bad health and illness in the future.

Stepping on dog poop is a sign of an embarrassing ordeal that is weighing you down. This is the case, especially when the dream involves people laughing at you or more bad scenarios accompanying the event.

6. Dreaming of Dog Poop in Mouth

This is one of the most unsettling poop dreams you can ever have. The smell of dog poop is enough to make you throw up but having dog poop in your mouth is a whole other level of disgusting. With that in mind, it is common to symbolize poop in the mouth as a bad omen.

This dream is a sign of bad health. It symbolizes an unhealthy diet that is causing damage to your physical health and will eventually lead to disastrous health issues. It can also symbolize you are taking in harmful substances like drugs and alcohol at a rate that can deteriorate your physical well-being.

7. Dreaming of Dog Poop on a Cloth

Dog poop on a cloth means wealth and prosperity. It is a reminder that you have the world in the palm of your hands, and you will make a lot of strides in your life if you trust in the blessings that happen to be upon you.

8. Seeing a Dog Poop in Your Dream

Seeing a dog poop right before your eyes is a bad omen dream that symbolizes something uncomfortable in your life. Seeing a dog poop always affects how we feel. In a dream, the emotions may range from worrisome fears to anxiety-provoking feelings and unsettling thoughts.

You may have this dream when you are about to face an interview or a threatening event that is making you worry. The dream can also happen when your waking life puts you in uncomfortable situations where you have to do questionable things or interact with people who make you uncomfortable.

9. Smelling Dog Poop in Your Dream

The disgusting and stenchful smell of dog poop in your dream means you are worried about the outcomes of your decisions. It is an indicator of your insecurities and discomfort about the things happening in your life.

Summing Up

Dog poop dreams can mean many things, but it is usually a symbol of good fortune and riches to come. However, do not forget to jot down your emotions and specific scenarios of the dream in a dream journal the minute you wake up.

Dream journaling is one of the few techniques that can help you find patterns and meaning in your dreams in order to make sense of your world. Dreams convey lots of meanings and emotions, but you can rest assured that dog poop dreams are there to serve you well.

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