Dreaming of Stealing Money Meaning

Money is crucial to life. We need it to pay our bills, live a good life, and support family and friends.

Money is, without a doubt, a vital part of everyday life. However, money acquired illegally can get us into problems.

One of the most frequent crimes in human history is stealing. It can come in a variety of shapes and forms, including property theft, identity theft, and even money theft.

stealing money in a dream

It can be very unsettling to dream of stealing money or being the victim of stealing. But don’t worry, there’s a reason why you had such a dream.

Dreams can help us understand ourselves and others better. It can also forewarn us of future dangers.

In this post, you’ll learn about the meaning, symbolism, and interpretations of dreaming about stealing money.

General Meaning of Dreaming about Stealing Meaning

There are two sides to dreams about stealing money. One is dreaming about stealing money from others. The other is dreaming of being stolen from.

Generally, stealing money in a dream is a sign of desperation. That suggests that you’re not comfortable with how things are in your waking life.

You may be unhappy with your family life, relationships, or finances. Your dream suggests that you desire more from life. But be careful not to violate your conscience in the pursuit of happiness.

Dreaming that you had money stolen from you may indicate an impending financial loss or a feeling that someone is taking advantage of you.

Psychological Meaning of Stealing Money in Dream

On the psychological level, dreaming of stealing money can signify fear, revenge, and betrayal.

Willing To go The Extra-Mile

Stealing money in a dream may represent your determination to go above and beyond to accomplish your goals. It suggests that you’re about to overcome the limitations and barriers standing in your way of achievement.

Also, stealing money in a dream may point to the fact that you’re ready to break the barriers of discrimination set against you. You might experience discrimination based on your gender, race, color, background, or educational level.

If you dream that you are stealing money, it may be a sign that you are about to reach a level of success that is typically only available to the “elites” in your community. You’re about to do things that the people who discriminated against you never imagined you would.

Feelings of Being Underpaid or Undervalued

If the reward you are receiving does not match the effort you are putting in, it can be discouraging. It might be in your career, business, or relationship.

This can be the cause of your dreams about stealing money.

The dream may be a message from your subconscious to be patient and consistent in your pursuits. You can climb to any height you desire with perseverance, hard work, and integrity.

Financial Loss

Stealing money in a dream may also indicate impending financial difficulties. Yet, you can avoid it by using your resources more wisely.

Your dream could be a sign that you need to organize your finances so that you won’t run into any trouble in the future. Perhaps you should increase your savings, reduce your spending, and think about making some investments.

Peer Pressure

It can be frustrating when we watch others we know succeeding in extraordinary ways while we seem to be stuck in the mud. Your coworkers, neighbors, friends, or even siblings, might be doing far better than you.

If you are in this situation, dreaming about stealing money may indicate that you are comparing yourself to others and are under pressure to succeed in haste.

The dream could serve as a reminder to be content with what you already have and put honest effort into building the future you want.

Anger and Revenge

Dreaming about stealing money can indicate that you’re considering revenge. Maybe, someone offended you and you want to fight back.

This dream is a reminder that you should forgive those who offended you and get rid of the thoughts of revenge. Because revenge will not make you feel better,instead it will make matters grow worse.

Spiritual Meaning of Stealing Money in Dream

Quest for Spiritual Power

As humans, we occasionally yearn for spiritual encounters that will give us more happiness.

Dreaming about stealing money may indicate a spiritual yearning for growth and power. It’s likely that you are not comfortable with your level of spirituality. You want to do the hard things to increase in spiritual power.


Dreams of stealing money from someone in the dream can signify guilt over a past mistake. Perhaps you offended someone and you’ve not apologized.

The dream can be a reminder to make things right with those you offended.

Biblical Meaning of Stealing Money in a Dream

“Do not steal” is among the ten commandments of the bible. Another verse of the bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Biblically, stealing money in a dream is a sign of greed and materialism. If you’re the one stealing money in the dream, it suggests that you’re not content with what you have.

It’s also a sign that you want something, but you are lazy to work for it.

Dreaming about someone stealing from you is a biblical symbol of carelessness and vulnerability. It serves as a reminder to stay vigilant and watchful.

Stealing Money in Dream Islamic Interpretation

Stealing is forbidden as a sin in Islam. One of the verses of the quaran clearly warns that Muslims should not steal or take anything wrongfully from another person.

In fact, stealing results in severe punishment for the offender when caught. In Islam, having a dream about stealing money is not a good omen. It signifies jealousy, dishonesty and greed.

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7 Dreams About Stealing Money and Meanings

Dream of Money Stolen from Wallet

Dream of Money Stolen from Wallet

We keep some of our personal financial belongings, such as credit cards and cash, in wallets. Dreaming that you have money stolen from your wallet may be a sign that you need to pay more attention to specific areas of your personal life.

It’s possible that you’ve recently had poor financial habits. The dream may suggest that you should organize your finances to prevent suffering from financial setbacks.

Dreaming that your money was stolen from your wallet is also a warning to take good care of your health to avoid developing chronic illnesses that will cost a lot of money to treat.

Eat healthily, drink plenty of water, exercise, and frequently schedule regular checkups for your health.

Dream About Someone Stealing Your Money

Dreaming about someone stealing your money can be a sign that you’re feeling cheated and taken advantage of. Perhaps, someone around you has been taking undue advantage of you.

This dream can tell you to be selective about who you allow having control over you. Consider leaving any relationship where you are being mistreated or undervalued.

A dream in which you see someone stealing your money may also represent a fear of losing something of value. It might be a job, an investment, or a connection.

After having such a dream, you should be more deliberate about protecting your valuable belongings.

Dream About You Stealing Money

If you dream that you are stealing money, it may indicate that you are going to make an unexpected profit. It implies that the little work you put in will soon yield enormous rewards.

Also, it can mean that you should avoid being greedy and desperate in your daily activities.

Dream About Stealing Money and Getting Caught

Dreaming that you are stealing money and getting caught means that you are holding certain secrets from others. This dream may be an indication that you’re worried that someone may find out your secrets and start to dislike you.

On the other hand, having a dream that you are stealing and getting caught could mean that you are coming to terms with who you really are. Maybe you’ve been living in self-doubt and self-denial. Yet you’re beginning to accept and truly believe in who you are as a person.

After having this dream, decide to discover yourself and grow.

Dreaming of Someone Stealing Money from Someone Else

Seeing someone else being exploited is not a pretty sight. Dreams about someone stealing from someone else may be a warning to never take advantage of others.

It also serves as a warning to speak up when you see someone else being taken advantage of. Even though you shouldn’t meddle in other people’s affairs, make sure to warn them of danger when you notice it.

Dreaming About Stealing Money from A Friend

We treasure and care for our friends. When you wake from a dream which you took from a friend, it may feel as though you betrayed them.

Dreaming of stealing money from a friend implies that you are becoming selfish in your relationship with people.

It’s possible that you’ve been taking advantage of people’s generosity and goodwill without even realizing it. It’s also an indication that you are too dependent on other people for love and acceptance.

Dreaming About Someone Money from Your Parents

When you dream that you are stealing money from your parents, it may be a sign that they are worried about you. You should speak with them and let them know you’re all right.

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Dreaming of stealing or being stolen from can be a sign to be watchful of your values and thoughts.

It reveals the importance of taking care of your spiritual, physical, mental and financial health.

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