Dream About Vomiting Meaning and Interpretation

The most problematic symptom of illness for many people is vomiting. Even worse, some people have emetophobia – the fear of vomiting.

Although an unpleasant experience, vomiting helps to purge our body of something it perceives as dangerous.

It can be a harmful infection or a substance that the body is suspicious about. Your body works to remove those materials through your mouth rather than allowing them to flow through your entire body.

Vomiting in a dream can mean different things depending on your health condition and other aspects of the dream.

Read on- In this post you will discover the meaning, symbolism, and interpretation of the dream about vomiting.

Vomiting Dream Spiritual Meaning


This dream may signify that the worst is behind you and the best is just around the corner. You’ll start to live a peaceful and prosperous life.

If you had debt, you would soon be free of it. If you were owed money, you are about to get it back.

The vomit may represent the obstacles to your success. Throwing it up indicates that you’ll experience salvation in all aspects of your life.


Everybody makes mistakes. When we don’t forgive ourselves, guilt, shame, and resentment may become our constant emotions.

This dream suggests that you feel guilty over something in your past. If necessary, apologize and make amends. It will make you feel liberated and relieved.

Cleansing and Detoxifying

Sometimes we indulge ourselves excessively. It is not just with food but with other material possessions as well.

In this case, a dream about vomiting can signal that you’re taking too much. Try to cut back on some excessive spending and consumption.

The dream can also imply that you are getting rid of some negative aspects in your real life. Most of the time, this involves negative behaviors and mindset, you have. You may need to assess yourself and be prepared to detoxify yourself of all undesirable traits.


Nothing is as embarrassing as throwing up in a public place. Seeing this in a dream may indicate you are about to face a humiliating situation in real life.

Additionally, it’s a sign that you feel shy and inadequate in front of people. This can be a result of low self-confidence or self-doubt. You need to believe in yourself and be more assertive.

New Beginning

If you are vomiting jewels in a dream, it might be the sign of a new beginning. Maybe you or someone around you is about to bless the world with a new life.

Vomiting gold can indicate that you’re about to experience financial blessings. It is also a sign that you have discarded old habits and negative influences in your waking life.

If your vomit lands on the flour, it is often seen as a sign of good things. It may signify things will finally work out well for you.

You Need To Help Someone

Throwing up on a cloth could signal an urgent need to assist someone nearby. It shows you are in an ideal position to help a struggling person around you.

It is especially true if you dreamed that you cleaned up vomit. Although you are kind, you are worried about being taken advantage of. Keep up the fantastic work, but pay attention so you can spot when someone is trying to take advantage of you.


In real life, vomiting helps to clear dangerous substances from our bodies. Throwing up in a dream can symbolize healing, especially if you wake up in a good mood.

Your physical and mental well-being is going to improve.


After we vomit in real life, we feel relieved. Seeing this in the dream can signify you are about to experience relief in the things currently bordering you.

You might be choked with a lot of responsibilities and obligations. It is especially true if you are the breadwinner of the family.

This dream is an encouragement that things will not remain as they are. Maybe someone close to you is about to offer assistance.

Perhaps you’re about to get a raise in your job. Or someone whose tuition you’ve been covering is about to get a scholarship.

There’s relief coming your way, be ready for some breath of fresh air.

Common Scenarios of Vomit Dreams and Their Meaning

dream about vomiting

Dreams About Vomiting Blood

Blood signifies life and energy. Vomiting blood in the dream can show that you’re losing the zeal to pursue your life dreams.

You have been disappointed many times in pursuit of your goals, and you are about to give up.

Consider taking some moments to relax and develop a new strategy.

Additionally, this dream can signify you should be careful with your health. Due to your lifestyle and environment, you might be vulnerable to health risks.

It is time to take safety measures, especially regarding your health. If your work is sedentary, consider going out regularly for exercise. Eat good food, drink sufficient water, and get enough sleep.

Dream About Vomiting Yellow Stuff

Yellow vomit is usually a warning that something in your waking life is disturbing you. You might feel uncomfortable because of your job, finances, family, or friends.

But you’ve been putting off dealing with the problem head-on.

Yellow is the color that represents the sun. It represents energy, optimism, and happiness. This dream may signify that your optimism and peace are going away.

Be prepared to deal with any cause of unhappiness in your waking life.

Dream About Vomiting White Stuff

Seeing white in a dream often represents purity, spirituality, and a new beginning. When we vomit white stuff in real life, it signifies an empty stomach.

Seeing this in a dream can indicate you are ready for a fresh start.

It can also show that someone you trust may be misleading you. Your subconscious mind is sending you a message not to take things at face value.

Additionally, it implies the need for reconciliation and forgiveness. You’re in the best position to settle a misunderstanding around you.

It could be among your family members, friends, or colleagues. The dream reminds you to use wise and peaceful words to settle ongoing issues in your relationship.

Vomiting Black Stuff in Dream

Throwing up black stuff implies fear and anxiety. You’re so worried about your current situation that you’re starting to feel depressed.

The vomit in the dream stands for your fear, worry, and anxiety. Expelling it from your mouth shows you’re about to eliminate those negative emotions.

It may also serve as a warning sign for an impending argument. Someone may be about to agitate you and get you to say something inappropriate.

To be warned is to be armed, as the saying goes. Brace yourself up for a confrontation but don’t fall into the trap of saying things you’ll later regret.

Black vomit in the dream also signals richness. It shows you’re about to get a stream of income that will make you very rich.

Dream of Vomiting Food

Sometimes our dreams mean the exact thing that it shows. It’s possible that you’ve been eating so much food lately or you have been depriving your body of food.

This dream serves as a gentle reminder to balance your eating habits.

If you are in a relationship, having this dream implies you should be careful not to ruin it. It is especially true if you often compare your previous relationship with the present one.

To make the most of your relationship, try to put your past experiences behind you.

Dream of Baby Vomiting Milk on You

If a baby vomits milk on you in real life, it can be discomforting. Dreaming about it can mean you are uncomfortable about something in your domestic life.

You’re overburdened with the responsibilities of taking care of others. It is good to love and care for our family and friends, it is also healthy to pay attention to our personal needs.

The dream can signify that you should pay close attention to your mental health and well-being. Caring for others is beginning to take a negative toll on how you perceive yourself.

Set clear goals for your personal and professional life.

Babies in dreams commonly represent a new beginning, sincerity and innocence. This dream can reveal you are about experiencing new connections and genuine friendships.

It also means you will reconnect with old friends and have a good time with them.

Seeing Someone Vomit in A Dream

If you see someone else throwing up in your dream, it may mean someone is about to betray you. It can signal the need to be prepared for a bad situation with someone you trust.

It can also indicate that a close friend or family member is about to do something wrong, and you will become involved in the mess that will follow.

If you dream of many people throwing up at once, it can signal you are surrounded by bad friends. Some group of people in your waking life may be about to set you up for a big embarrassment.

You might need to be watchful of some activities around you.

When your wife vomits on you, it may be a sign that you are worried about her well-being. The same holds if your husband throws up on you. You are concerned about some aspects of their lifestyle.

It also represents marital and emotional freedom. Your spouse’s flaws will soon be overshadowed by their strengths.

Dream of Vomiting Worms

Throwing up worms is a vivid and unpleasant dream experience, but it signifies good things. It is a sign that there are harmful things in your life that you are about to get rid of.

These things do not appear harmful in real life, but they are holding you back from making good progress. It could be spending excessive time on social media, partying, binge-watching TV, etc.

Dream of Someone Vomiting in Your Mouth

This dream serves as a warning that someone close to you is telling you how to live your life. You may feel insecure and inadequate as a result.

You may lack the self-confidence necessary to make significant decisions on your own. Begin to believe in yourself.


According to Sigmund Freud, dreams are a means by which the subconscious communicates with us. Some dreams, though, may simply be a reflection of something we observed in the real world. You might witness someone vomit in real life and later dream about it.

Other times, having a dream about vomiting can mean discarding unpleasant elements from your life.

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