Black Snake in Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Snakes are some of the richest and oldest historical symbols in the world. Dreams of a snake are bound to terrify you, especially if it’s a black snake. But even if it’s not black, remember the color of the snake plays a very important part in the dream interpretation.

Black is a color that inspires fear, authority, and strength. It’s shrouded in mystery and sometimes associated with evil. A black snake in a dream might symbolize all the above and much more. These reptiles might also be a sign of change, danger, or betrayal.

black snake in dream

Did you recently dream of a black snake? If so, then you’re in the right place. Continue reading to learn what your dream might mean.

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Black Snake?

Black snakes are wild animals often associated with recklessness and dangerous situations. Therefore, dreaming of a black snake might be a sign of danger or negativity around you or within your subconscious.

Dreaming about black snakes is a warning to watch yourself. You’re treading on volatile paths that may lead to your downfall.

Additionally, dreaming of a black snake is a message from your subconscious that you need to acknowledge the existence of negative energy in your waking life. Since ignorance solves nothing, it’s time you accept and deal with the negativity within and around you.

Spiritual Meaning of a Black Snake in a Dream

A black snake symbolizes corruption or contamination. If you dream of one, it is a sign that your spirituality is under threat of corruption. If it bites you, it means you succumbed to temptation.

A black snake also represents fear of failing. The dream often occurs when faced with a morally grey situation and you’re having a hard time making an appropriate decision. You’re afraid of picking the wrong side. This fear seeps into your subconscious, resulting in a black snake dream.

Biblical Meaning of a Black Snake in a Dream

Biblically, black snakes represented evil and demonic manipulation. The devil used a snake to convince Eve to sin. Sometimes, the snake also represents the devil. Therefore, dreaming of a black snake is synonymous with evil.

If you see a black snake in a dream, then it means that someone close to you will meet an untimely end. So, you should always cherish your loved ones and try to live with as little to regret as possible.

However, it might not all be bad. If the black snake bites you, it means that whatever pain you’re going through will end.

Perhaps you’re going through a nasty divorce or were recently severely sick. If so, this dream is a source of hope. You will eventually rise above your pain and hurt.

Hindu Meaning of a Black Snake in a Dream

In Hinduism, the black snake symbolizes Kundalini Energy or cosmic energy. This is why Lord Shiva sometimes appears wearing a black snake around his neck. If you dream of a black snake, it means you are on the right path and will grow spiritually.

A black snake appears in your dream to serve as a connection between you and your departed ancestors. To dream of a black snake is to receive the goodwill of your ancestors.

The snake could also be a sign that you will emerge victorious over your enemies. It also heralds a season of good health and prosperity in your household.

Dream About Black Snake Symbolism

Power or Authority

Black is a color associated with power, and snakes are some of the most powerful predators. Therefore, it stands that black snakes in a dream are a symbol of power.

Dreaming of a black snake symbolizes coming into a position of authority. If you’re into businesses or innovation, this is a good omen. However, it could also be a warning. You may be misusing your authority and will soon fall out of grace.

If you’re in a relationship, dreaming of a black snake implies you’re the dominant person over your partner.

Impending Danger

Throughout time, snakes instilled fear in man, and the color black has been used to represent evil. To dream of a black snake is a sign that you’re in danger. Perhaps someone evil has come into your life and wishes to harm you.

Also, it could be you’re always putting yourself in harm’s way. You’re acting recklessly and giving your adversaries grounds to hurt you.

If the snake bites you, it is a warning that you have formidable enemies and need to be more cautious. If it tries to bite you but you escape, you will win against your enemies.


Dreaming of a black snake might represent an immense transformation in your life. Since black is a color shrouded in mystery, the changes you experience might come unexpectedly. The dream encourages you to embrace change.

Similarly, it foretells a period of growth, whether spiritually, mentally or emotionally. You might be facing challenges, and the future might look bleak. But it is all part of the cycle of transformation. Do not be afraid, as it will all pass and you will come out changed and full of experience.

Negative Emotions

Black snakes often appear in your dreams when you’re experiencing extremely negative emotions. Maybe you’re despairing, depressed, or grieving the loss of someone dear to you. The black snake is a sign that you’re overwhelmed with these feelings, and it’s taking a toll on you.

Similarly, dreaming of a black snake is a sign that you’re taking part in something that gives you strong negative emotions. It could also mean that you’re involved in something that will soon trigger negative emotions.

10 Common Dream Scenarios Involving Black Snakes

Dreaming of a Black and White Snake

Black and white snakes in a dream represent balance and duality. They often appear when you face a situation that puts you in a state of mind of good versus evil. If you interpret your dream in the literal sense, a black-and-white snake shows you that not everything is black and white.

The snake is a sign that you should look beyond the two options offered. Always search for a different perspective and try to see the complete picture before you pick a side.

If you’re friendly with the snake, it means you’re not afraid to stand for what you believe in. You express your opinions and speak up against injustices.

However, if the snake attacks you, it implies that there is someone or a group of people in power preventing you from speaking your truth. You need to fight your oppressor and stand for what you believe in.

Dreaming About a Black and Red Snake

Dreaming About a Black and Red Snake

Dreaming of a black and red snake serves as a warning from the universe. It tells you to be cautious of the people you keep around because one of them is scheming against you and will betray you soon.

It’s also a warning to pay attention to your relationships. Be it at work or home or among your social circles. Be careful of who you put your trust in, especially with personal matters. Don’t let others know your next move or your plans for the future.

If the snake was hovering around you, it suggests that your spouse or romantic partner is cheating on you.

Dreaming of a Black and Yellow Snake

When you dream of black and yellow snakes, it means that you’re a very indecisive person. You lack the drive to pursue goals you’ve set for yourself. It also means that you always doubt yourself and any decisions you make.

If the black and yellow snake bit you, it suggests that your fears and doubts hinder you from pursuing the things you’re passionate about. It also means you’re afraid to go after someone you care for because you feel inadequate or not in their league.

Sometimes, it’s not all bad. The black and yellow snake can also foretell unexpected good fortune in your life, especially in terms of money. You might be the recipient of an inheritance or find money on the streets. Enjoy your luck while it lasts and makes the best of it.

Dreaming of a Black Snake Biting You

Throughout time, snake bites have ranked quite high on the list of prevalent threats to humanity. Therefore, a dream involving a black snake biting you could also be deemed a negative omen. It foretells a betrayal from those you hold dear in your life.

It might also herald a season of financial difficulties coming your way. You’ve developed bad financial habits like overspending and impulse buying, and they will come back to bite you. The dream warns you to change your ways. If you can’t do it, then find a financial planner and entrust this task to them.

A black snake biting you also serves as a wake-up call. You’ve been ignoring essential aspects of your life, and things are about to spiral out of control. The bite serves to remind you that neglecting your obligations doesn’t mean they will go away.

Dreaming of Being Chased by a Black Snake

If you dream of a black snake chasing you, it is a sign that someone wants you back in their life. Maybe it’s your ex wanting to rekindle your relationship, or an old employer wants you to renew your contract with them.

You might take such news both positively and negatively. Positive because in the past, you might have wished for a chance to grow your relationship or career, but things ended too soon. But now you have the chance. On the other hand, it could be negative because you were in a toxic situation and got out.

Think twice before you go back. Being chased doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get caught. Sometimes, walking away is not a bad thing.

Dream About a Friendly Black Snake

Dreaming of a friendly black snake is rare. However, those who experience it have a wave of good luck in their lives.

If you petted and tamed the snake, it means that you will rise to a position of power and your influence will grow massively.

If the snake spoke to you, it is imparting wisdom, and you should pay close attention. A friendly black snake also appears to warn you when you’re about to make a rash decision. The dream tells you to stop and consider another perspective before diving headfirst into situations.

Dreaming of Killing a Black Snake

Dreaming of killing a black snake carries both positive and negative connotations. It might mean that you will go through a period of hardships. Do not get disheartened. This phase will pass.

Killing a black snake in a dream also implies that you should work on strengthening your spirituality. Only by doing this will you emerge victorious over your enemies. It is also a sign that karma will work for you. Whatever plans your enemies had to harm you will happen to them.

However, killing a snake that wasn’t hostile toward you is a sign that you’re apprehensive about change. It also means that you fear power or those that seem more powerful than you.

Dreaming of a Small Black Snake

Small snakes might seem harmless but beware, they are some of the most venomous reptiles on the planet. Seeing a small black snake in a dream is a warning. It tells you to be cautious of fake friends. It warns you that you will get backstabbed by someone you least expected.

Seeing a lot of small black snakes in your dream represents inner turmoil. You might have done something that goes against your beliefs, and now you’re struggling to absolve yourself and justify your actions. However, the guilt is leaving you mentally drained. You should atone for your deeds if you wish for peace.

Dreaming of a Big Black Snake

Seeing a big black snake in a dream is a sign that you have loyal and faithful friends around you. The bigger the snake, the stronger the loyalty. The dream tells you to cherish their friendship and return the same energy they’re giving into your relationships.

Black is also a symbol of power. Dreaming of a big black snake might also mean that you’re coming into a position of power and influence. If you get along with the snake, it means that your influence will be widespread.

However, a big black snake could also represent impending danger. You have made enemies either at your workplace or in your social circles. These enemies are now working toward your destruction.

Dreaming of a Black Snake in The Water

Water is often used to represent our emotions. If the water looks disturbed, then your emotions are not stable and vice versa. Dreaming of a black snake in water might mean that someone or something is about to interfere with your emotional well-being.

If you’re in the water with the snake and it tries to strangle or bite you, it is a warning that you’re ignoring your feelings and you will soon lose control over your emotions.

However, if the black snake is swimming calmly, it means that whatever emotional trauma you’ve gone through will eventually heal.

But it’s not always a bad dream. If you see a group of black snakes surrounded by water and not doing anything to you, it means that you’re facing your fears. You’re tired of avoiding them and won’t let them control your life anymore.

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Dreams about black snakes can have many varying interpretations. It might mean that you’re going through a transformation or it might be a warning that you will face betrayal. It all depends on the context of your dream and how you feel about the dream.

To accurately interpret your dream, pay attention to the minute details, and if you can, not down the details after waking up. It will help you remember easily. Hopefully, this article has provided insight into your interpretation.

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