Killing Snake in Dream Meaning: Good or Bad?

You are walking on the road, and suddenly a snake appears in front of you. It jumps on you and you freeze in dread. But somehow you recollected yourself and slayed the snake with your hands. After that, you wake up sweating and feeling scared, only to realize it was all a dream.

Dreams of killing a snake are not uncommon. The dreams are usually a metaphor for overcoming a challenge. They could also represent any repressed aggression or wrath.

killing snakes in dreams

Another interpretation is that your unconscious mind warns you to watch out for anything or anyone dangerous.

Read on to learn more about the many meanings and interpretations of dreams involving killing a snake.

View of Snakes in Ancient Cultures

The snake is an enigmatic animal. Since ancient times, snakes have been among the creatures with a substantial psychological impact on people.

This is because of their biological and behavioral traits, like speed, agility, and capacity to produce and inject a lethal venom.

These reptiles are the subject of images, myths, and beliefs in many societies. Many people in the past worshipped snakes to please them and prevent the harm they could otherwise bring.

In ancient Egypt, people feared and revered snakes. Although they acknowledged the potential danger of this slithering creature, they believed it represented protection and power. That explains why most Egyptian kings donned “uraeus”, a brow with a cobra.

In Greek mythology and religions, snakes signified healing and transformation. These creatures were mostly used in healing rituals in Asclepius temples. The Greeks also regarded snakes as messengers between the upper and lower worlds.

During the Roman era, snakes represented Lares or household gods. On the other hand, Christian view snakes as a bad omen. In fact, John the Baptist referred to the Pharisees and Sadducees as serpents and a generation of vipers.

What Does a Dream of Killing a Snake Mean?

What Does a Dream of Killing a Snake Mean

There are several reasons you might have a dream of killing snakes.

When you experience such a dream, be conscious of your surroundings since they will influence your interpretation.

Below are a few reasons you might see or kill a snake in your dreams:

1. Good Things and Success Coming Your Way

Generally speaking, this is a sign of good things to come and could mean that you will win a battle at work. It could also be evidence that you have successfully overcome all obstacles.

Despite your challenges at work, there is a sensation or hint that you will unquestionably succeed. It is critical to remember that you will triumph.

2. Absence of Fear

You may have been terrified to face a part of yourself for a very long time. But that fear is no longer there since you’ve accepted who you are.

This dream shows that you have finally conquered your fear and are ready to face any challenge that life might throw at you.

3. Envy and Dishonesty

Killing a snake in a dream can also have a bad connotation, as it may indicate that you are not honest with others around you and that you are also jealous of them.

Such a dream may suggest that you are no longer trustworthy and do not want those close to you to be aware of your behavior.

The dream could also mean you are overly wary of those around you and no longer have faith in them. This may be due to their personal desires.

7 Common Dreams of Killing a Snake

1. Dream Of Being Bitten by A Snake and Killing It

A snake biting you in a dream indicates you do not want to put up with anything unpleasant or painful in real life. The dream could also suggest that you are trying to end whatever you feel is unjust or unreasonable.

Another interpretation is that you are unwilling to accept an idea, suggestion or notion. Most times, you believe you’re right and don’t want to hear what other people have to say.

The action of killing a snake could also point toward your anger.

2. Dream Of Someone Else Killing a Snake

Such a dream could mean that you’ve hurt someone else feeling through your action and words. These feelings manifest in your subconscious as another person kills a snake.

The dream might also bring your attention to other people’s unhappiness. Maybe your friend or family member is going through a hard time. While you might not be able to solve his (or her) problem, words of encouragement can go a long way.

Someone else killing the snake might suggest you need protection from your enemies or you seek help.

3. Dream Of Killing Snake with Bare Hands

When you dream of killing a snake with your bare hands, it means you will unlock the strength hidden deep inside you. It’s time you start standing up for yourself and what you believe.

It doesn’t matter that you’re alone. Just know your life is in your hands, meaning you dictate what to do and speak.

The dream encourages you to take control of your life. This way, you can focus on the activities that bring joy and happiness to your life.

Similarly, a dream of killing a snake with your hands stands for impending danger. Not everyone in your circle means you well. Avoid trusting everyone easily and always be on the lookout for weird behaviors from your friends that can place you in harm’s way.

The dream could also foretell the appearance of new concepts, information, or feelings.

4. Dream Of Killing Snake with a Knife

If you use a knife instead of your hands to kill the snake, the dream implies overcoming fears. You will soon enjoy peace in every aspect of your life, whether relationship or business.

Alternatively, you can interpret the dream as a symbol of recovery and healing. You might not be sick, but your current lifestyle and behaviors might put you at a high risk of life-threatening conditions. It’s best to avoid doing things like drugs or drinking too much if you want to stay healthy.

If you kill a snake in your dream with a knife, it may symbolize your desire to end a troubling circumstance. Perhaps you wish to quit a personal or professional relationship abruptly, but you’re not sure. The dream tries to point you in the right direction. But only you can choose to end the toxic situation.

5. Dream of Killing a Colorful Snake

  • Black snake: Killing in your dream alludes to some emotional conflict in your life. Snakes frequently represent circumstances you have attempted to escape, but perhaps it is time to face reality. Dreams of killing black snakes act as a reminder to take action.
  • Yellow snake: Dream about killing yellow snake stand for overcoming life’s challenges. The universe has already provided you with the wisdom and courage to deal with any obstacles on your way to success. It’s time you start using these gifts and other abilities you possess to create a better life for yourself.
  • Green snake: In a dream, killing a green snake signifies good fortune. It symbolizes that you will succeed in anything you do or attempt to do. You will overcome all the hardships, risks, and illnesses you face.
  • Red snake: Dreaming that you killed a red snake denotes renewed zeal and resolve. You are full of vitality, health, and success. You are also in a position of strength.

6. Dream Of a Dog Killing a Snake

A dog killing a snake in your dream suggests qualities and feelings you wish you had.

The dream is also a sign you should take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Doing this will allow you to grow and succeed in your life and business. Whether it’s an opportunity to grow and learn, meet new people, or discover new passions, don’t let them pass you.

Alternatively, the dream might represent your desire to protect others when faced with certain dangers. This is your way of showing that you care and respect the people around you. Even if they will not notice your help, your heart will fill with happiness. Remember, it’s always nice to show support to others.

7. Dream Of Cutting a Snake into Pieces

The dream stands for your latent ability to analyze and solve problems. If you cut the snake using a knife, you have a precise and non-emotion approach to life. There’s also a possibility you rush into situations without thinking first.

On the other hand, this dream shows your desire to disrupt or erase an uncomfortable condition or circumstance you no longer want to endure because you believe it to be hurtful or unfair.

Biblical Meaning of Killing a Snake in A dream

The Bible consistently depicts snakes as cunning. Most examples of this creature are often evil.

The word of God in the Bible is a stone. Therefore, killing snakes with a stone implies using the word of God to defeat Satan’s trickery. Above all, God’s word is supreme. It can help you resist temptation and triumph over evil.

Killing a snake with an arrow in a dream is a metaphor for the effectiveness of prayer. You shouldn’t ignore the position of prayer. Remember, the force of God’s word can subdue your enemy’s strategies.

The arrow represents the strength of prayer, which you will direct toward the base of your spiritual foes.

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Is Killing a Snake in Dream Good or Bad?

In general, snakes make us afraid, whether in the actual world or in our dreams. Dreaming that you are killing snakes is good because it shows that you have successfully defeated a challenge, fear, or another enemy.

It might also imply that your unconscious is attempting to warn you not to put your faith in others and to be on the lookout for evildoers nearby.

Sometimes the snakes might stand for the sexual or emotional feelings that you need to express. Dreaming of killing a snake might also imply killing your habits, particularly those related to masturbating and sexual behavior.

Does a Dream of Killing a Snake Mean Marriage?

According to ancient Chinese lore, killing a snake could represent being married.

If this dream has other symbols that make you think it is about a relationship, it may instead signify the removal of a hurdle to marriage. For instance, if you’re single and have a snake-killing dream, it can indicate that you’re ready to find love and settle down.

If you are currently in a relationship, though, it may instead imply that you are reducing barriers to advancing into a more serious and personal stage.


A dream of killing a snake could illicit several emotions. Some might feel scared, and others might feel at peace. In most scenarios, this dream points to overcoming your fears and hurdles in life.

But that’s not the only possible interpretation. This dream can also represent getting rid of sexual urges, suppressing unconscious desires, destroying toxicity, etc.

Whether you’re experiencing this dream because you feel overwhelmed or you have a genuine fear of snakes, it’s wise to remember dreams are usually subjective and symbolic.

So, take your time to analyze every detail to understand what your dream might mean.

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