What Does It Mean to Dream of Dolphins?

Have you been dreaming about dolphins? Well, there’s an important message in those dreams for you.

Dolphins are playful friendly animals. This is why many people don’t think of them as spiritual animals as they don’t give off signs to have a deep meaning.

However, dolphins had deep spiritual meanings in the old pagan world and have strong ties to Christianity.

Ever since humans were able to sail, they viewed dolphins as a savior. In ancient Greece, dolphins were known as the “Sacred Fish”.

dolphin dream meaning

Dolphins were in drawings and statues in temples saving both men and gods from drowning. At those times in Greece, killing a dolphin meant a death sentence for the killer.

In Greek mythology, Apollo had an adventure as a dolphin. He chose the location of his temple and then turned himself into a dolphin.

Apollo then jumped on board a trading ship and sailed it to the chosen location. In that location, the ship’s crew built the temple and became priests of Delphi, Apollo’s temple.

Due to its relation to Apollo and Aphrodite, the dolphin was seen in Greek mythology as a sign of romance, love, and harmony as well as protection.

Dolphins even had their own god in ancient Greece, Delphin, who worked under Poseidon’s orders and led all the dolphins.

The word dolphin itself comes from the Greek word “Delphus”. This word means “womb” because a dolphin is a fish with a womb. Some language scientists believe this name choice was due to people feeling related to dolphins.

In the early times of Christianity, fishermen and people who lived near the sea saw dolphins as a sign of Jesus Christ.

The nature of a dolphin as an animal in a fish-like body with near-human intelligence makes them even more interesting. As a result, dolphin dreams have more meaning than you may expect.

In this article, we’re giving you all the possible meanings of your dolphin dreams and their possible spiritual and psychological meanings.

Dolphin Dream Meaning According to Evolution

Many studies found that dolphins’ intelligence is higher than any other animal on the planet, even chimpanzees!

Some would go as far as saying that dolphins are smarter than humans. This opinion depends on dolphins’ ability to send and receive echoes or sound waves to locate objects and water and hunt; an ability that humans can only dream of.

Dolphins also developed a language and can have conversations with sentences. Other animals can only use sounds to send a meaning such as a warning.

And if all of this wasn’t enough, dolphins work in groups during their hunting time. They use an advanced plan by trapping the fish in a circle to hold it while every dolphin takes a turn to attack the fish and eat.

Based on these dolphin facts, dreaming of dolphins can have many evolutionary meanings. Those meanings include teamwork, connection, harmony, and friendship.

Also, the dolphin can even refer to a person in your life whom you trust and depend on.

Dolphin dreams can also be a sign of developing a new skill or learning a new ability that you thought you didn’t have before!

If you’re a part of a group project, dreaming of dolphins is a sign that you have faith in your team. Despite any worries you may have about the result, your mind is telling you that success is guaranteed.

Biblical Meaning of Dolphin in Dreams

As mentioned before, dolphins in Christianity are a symbol of Jesus Christ. So, dreaming about dolphins can mean that you’re receiving advice or help to get out of a difficult situation.

Dolphins can also be a sign of meeting new people who share your beliefs and make you feel safe and understood.

If you know the dolphin in your dream to be a person you know in real life, the dream means that this person is loyal and you can trust them.

If the dolphin is swimming away from you in the dream, you may be losing faith due to a traumatic experience.

Spiritual Meaning of Dolphin Dreams

Even though dolphins live in water, they breathe air through their lungs. This fact makes dolphins come out of the water every 8-10 minutes. As such, dolphins are part of both the air and water elements.

For the air element, dreaming about dolphins has a spiritual meaning of new beginnings, psychic growth, and receiving messages from god through the wind.

The water element meaning of dolphin dreams is about abundance and reaping what you sowed. In short, dolphins mean harvest of whatever matters you’ve been putting your efforts into.

You can guess the speed at which the abundance is coming to you depending on the speed of the dolphin in your dream. If the dolphin was pregnant in the dream, this means that your reward is going to take a long time to come.

Dolphin pregnancy takes 10-18 months almost double the human pregnancy period. However, this dream is telling you to not lose hope. While your abundance may seem late, it’s on the way.

Dolphin dreams may also be guiding you to take a closer look at your emotions. The water represents emotions. So, you can get a clearer meaning of your dream from the state of the water the dolphin was in.

If the water is deep and clear, the dolphin dream means that your feelings for someone in your life are growing deeper and your trust levels are higher. If you’ve been having trust issues, this dream is a good omen.

If, however, the water was muddy and unclear, this dream is trying to warn you that your opinion of someone is not right. Don’t make a decision until you have the full picture or more information comes to you.

7 Meanings of Different Dolphin Dreams

The dolphin in your dream can be seen differently depending on other elements or events of that dream. These are some points of dolphin dream meanings that can help you understand what dreams have been trying to tell you.

Dreaming About Swimming with Dolphins

Dreaming about swimming with dolphins means that you have a bright future as dolphins have positive energy. Good opportunities are coming soon. Make sure you make the best of them. You’re ready to go after your desires.

Dreaming that you’re a dolphin swimming with dolphins means that you have found or are about to find your soul family, people who you connect with on deeper levels.

Dreaming About Dolphins Playing

Seeing dolphins play in a dream is a sign that good times are coming. Appreciate the good moments in your current life while a better life creates itself for you.

Dreaming About Dolphins Jumping

Dreaming About Dolphins Jumping

Jumping dolphins in your dreams means that your health is improving and, if you’ve been sick, you’ll be back to normal soon.

This dream may also be a sign that you’re missing your child-like self and want to be free of responsibilities and act the free spirit that you really are.

Saying Goodbye to Dolphins in a Dream

The meaning of saying goodbye to a dolphin in a dream depends on your feeling in the dream. If you’re happy to let the dolphin go and say goodbye, it means that a responsibility you had for years is ending. For example, a son or daughter growing up and moving out.

If you’re sad to say goodbye to dolphins in the dream, it means that you’re either outgrowing a belief system, saying goodbye to a friend, or an end of a relationship that used to make you feel comfortable and safe.

Dreaming About Dolphins During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and dream about dolphins, it can mean that you have worries about the pains of childbirth. The dolphin dream is telling you to rest assured that you’re spiritually ascending through these hard times.

Dreaming About Dolphins & Whales

If dolphins are swimming alongside whales peacefully in your dream, it means that your life is going to go through a quiet peaceful period despite the differences in opinions of the people in your life.

If the dream shows you tension or hostility between the dolphins and the whales, this dream is warning you that you can’t ignore your problems or avoid conflict anymore.

Dreaming About Baby Dolphins

This dream is telling you that you’re a peace-loving and giving person. You have the desire to spread joy and offer care to all of your surroundings.

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Dolphin Dreams Are Good Signs

Both the evolutionary and spiritual sides of dolphins have good meanings for dreams. Even if you’re going through a tough period in your life, your dream about dolphins is a good sign.

Those dreams are either telling you that a hard time is about to end or letting you know the reasons you’re facing difficulties.

In any case, keeping a dream journal can tell you a lot about your psyche, your spiritual development, and what you can do next.

If you have many dreams about dolphins, spend more time reading about these lovely animals. Try to make a bond and understand the connection and the message the universe is trying to send you.

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