What Does It Mean When Dream About Water?

Water is essential for life on our planet. In order to go on with our daily activities, we as humans need water. It is important for drinking, cleaning, washing, and breathing.

Water is the basis of all life, especially when you take into consideration that our bodies are made out of 60% water. Living without water would be impossible and unimaginable.

Interpreting dreams can be a great method to better understand yourself.

dream meaning of water

A lot of people dream about water, but the meaning of the dream will depend on the person and situation you dreamt of. Dreaming about water can symbolize many things, depending on your reaction to the water, the water body, how the water is behaving, and how your situation is in your waking life.

In some dreams, you can be scared of what you saw, for instance, if you’re experiencing a flood. This will signify emotions that are uncontrolled and disturbing your well-being. In other dreams, water will represent a positive experience such as the flow of life, growth, and abundance.

Water dreams usually have primal and deep significance. These types of dreams encourage the dreamer to explore the depths of their mind and subconscious.

Spiritual Meaning of Water in Dreams

In this section, we will highlight some possible meanings of water dreams.

1. New Beginning

As we mentioned throughout this article, water is used for cleansing, and dreaming about it can mean that it’s time for a new beginning. It’s never too late to start over and stop thinking about the mistakes you’ve made in your past.

2. Upcoming Success

We all need water to survive, even plants and animals around us. Water gives life to all things, and allows them to live and prosper.

Dreaming of water could mean that you’re going to thrive in waking life. It could mean an upcoming success in your professional life, personal life, or even both.

Maybe your boss decided to finally reward you for all the hard work you’ve been doing and offer you a promotion. Or maybe someone close to you is planning a pleasant surprise for you.

3. No Limitations

Dreaming about water could mean that you are an open-minded person with a positive outlook on life. This quality of yours could bring you a lot of opportunities.

You’re not someone who shies away from a challenge and your openness to all possibilities can help you achieve your goals, whatever they are.

4. Relaxation

A lot of people connect water with relaxation and calmness.

Water is used in the preparation of tea which gives us comfort. It is used in humidifiers to make the room more reminiscent of nature.

Maybe you feel anxious and uneasy because you have too much work or problems at home. Dreaming about water could be a signal that you need to go for a quick run or walk, stretch your body a bit, and take deep breaths.

Show yourself some more love, and take the time you need to feel relaxed.

5. Suppressed Emotions

Another interpretation of water dreams can be that you’re trying to drown out your emotions. There might be some emotions that you’re hiding because you’re scared to show how you truly feel.

However, you shouldn’t bottle up your emotions. This dream could be an indicator that you should show the world who you truly are, and in the end, things might work out in your favor.

What Is The Biblical Meaning of Water?

Before we go into the different meanings that water dreams have, we first want to look into the biblical meaning of water.

Water is of great importance not only in our daily life but also in the Bible. Water is mentioned many times in the Bible, including stories such as baptisms, changing water into wine, and other occurrences highlighting water’s significance.

Noah built an ark to survive the flood of the earth, while Jonah was swallowed by a fish in the water.

Water symbolizes the word of God, because of its ability to cleanse Christians from their sin and guilt. According to Genesis 6:17, water has the power to provide deliverance and to purify, but it can also destroy enemies and evil as in the stories of the Flood.

25 Common Dreams About Water

Common Dreams About Water

Did you have a dream about water and are trying to interpret its symbolism? In this section, we will talk about some common dreams people have about water, and what is their meaning.

1. Dream About A River

Rivers symbolize the bridge between your consciousness and emotions. If you’re dreaming about calm water in the river, this means that your emotions are balanced and harmonious.

On the contrary, if you’re feeling about a raging river, it means there are some emotional disruptions in your life. Dreaming about crossing a river means you’re overcoming certain issues.

2. Dream About A Tsumani

A tsunami means that some things in your life are out of your control. You are experiencing some repressed emotions and pent-up feelings, or you have some issues that you didn’t resolve and they’re now causing disturbances in your life.

You’re feeling pressure because of your emotional state and you’re soon going to burst. You are feeling trapped and you need to clean this mess up and heal as soon as you can.

3. Dream About Waterfalls

Waterfalls are perceived as a positive symbol because it lets you know that you should trust the natural flow of life and try to be grounded. It is a sign of new beginnings, a fresh start, and the chance to cleanse old energies.

It is also a symbol of personal growth, and it can mean a successful period in your relationships, personal life, career, business, and so on. Your personal life will be fulfilled and you will be happy during this period of your life, and your work life will flourish.

4. Dream About Rain

A dream about rain means that you will cleanse yourself. It means you’ve healed from the pain and suffering you were feeling, you’ve accepted those negative emotions, and now you’re a new person.

This pain was an obstacle in your progress and growth, and now that it’s gone, you can finally bloom.

5. Dream About Oceans

Dreaming about the ocean could be a symbol of your unconscious. You might be exploring yourself, but there are depths below that might interest or scare you.

This dream might inspire you to explore those unknown aspects of your character.

Dreaming about the ocean can also mean inner peace and healing, but if the ocean is turbulent and rough it can mean a lack of control over your greatest insecurities and fears.

6. Dream about Lake

Lakes are often considered to be a symbol of the feminine, typically associated with mystical powers, dragons, monsters, and fairytales. Lakes can also symbolize a stage of rebirth in your life, and it is also connected with the creative aspects of your personality.

7. Dream About Ponds

Dreaming about ponds means that you’re ready to sit down and reflect on how you’re feeling. It reflects stillness and peace. Maybe you currently feel fulfilled and serene.

8. Dream About Swimming Pool

A dream about a swimming pool has a positive connotation. It means that you are peaceful and relaxed within. It means that everything is in its right place and that you enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Seeing yourself in a swimming pool means that you need to get in touch with yourself more.

On the other hand, dreaming of an empty swimming pool means you’re feeling empty and numb. It means that you have a hard time experiencing emotions and that you feel stuck.

9. Dream About a Bathtub

Seeing a bathtub in your dreams means that you need to rewind and take a break. Don’t be afraid to take some time for self-care and pampering yourself.

10. Dream About Sewage Water

Dreaming about sewage water connects the dreamer to their shadow side, or some repressed and rejected aspects of their personality they need to tend to. You need to remove the heaviness in your life and take care of your emotions.

11. Dream About Clear Water

Dreams can be a way of your subconscious trying to communicate with your conscious mind. Dreaming about clear water means purity of your mind and thoughts.

Waking up from this type of dream often leaves you feeling refreshed and clean. This dream can symbolize that the dreamer is looking for tranquility and clarity in their life, and for things to be more straightforward and simple.

This dream might also mean the disappearance of bad experiences or feelings, or that you’re finally headed in the right direction in your life.

12. Dream About Dirty Water

A dream about dirty water can be quite uncomfortable because it might make you feel like you’re in the wrong place. It represents a feeling of being lost and trapped, and dreamers are often trying to escape from something in this dream.

This dream symbolizes anxiety and distress that comes from an unknown source, or an urge to get out of a challenging situation. Dreams about dirty water are often connected with dysfunction in your emotional or spiritual state.

Some believe that dreaming of dirty water means that the dreamer is feeling fear, guilt, or trauma. In this context, dirty water can mean an obstacle that stops us from achieving what we want.

13. Dream About Green Water

The color green represents purity and prosperity. If you’re taking a bath in green water, it means you’ll experience some good things in your love life.

14. Dream About Blue Water

Dreaming about crystal blue water means your feelings and thoughts are clear. The color blue symbolizes truth, wisdom, and integrity.

Sometimes, the dream is here to remind you to cleanse your aura and cleanse from negative energies in your life.

15. Dream About Deep Water

Deep water could indicate that you should be more careful about the decisions you make in the future. Make sure that you think before you take action.

This dream could also be a symbol of potential problems in your family life, workplace, or romantic relationships. The deep water could signify the feeling of being trapped, overwhelmed by emotions, or stuck in a difficult situation.

16. Dream About Drinking Water

A dream about drinking water usually relates to your spiritual well-being and emotional state. This dream could mean quenching our thirst for understanding or knowledge.

However, if you feel that you’re still thirsty after you drank the water, it means that you’re not getting what you expect spiritually or emotionally.

If the water you’re drinking is muddy or dirty, that means that you’re absorbing the negativity from your environment. This could be a sign that you need to create some boundaries with the people in your life in order to protect your emotional well-being.

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17. Dream About Scuba Diving

Dreaming about scuba diving means that you have sufficient resources to comfortably live your life. Even though you wouldn’t deny money if someone offered it to you, you’re not really lacking anything.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you’re feeling dissatisfaction in your professional life. Even though you’re getting appreciation from your colleagues and you’re doing a good job, you still feel like you need more out of work.

18. Dream About Water Inside The House

The water inside your house means that you went through some situations that had a bad impact on you. Maybe you’ve avoided and ignored these problems, and now they’ve become quite big.

Flood water could also mean financial obstacles or conflicts between members of your family.

19. Dream About Water Rising

Seeing water rise in dreams usually has a positive meaning. It means overcoming the stress and anxiety you feel in waking life.

Dreaming about water rising also signifies change, and that it’s time to adjust to the situations happening around you. This means you might need to risk some things, but the positive news is that you will be rewarded for those risks.

Lastly, dreaming about rising water could mean that you’re trying to achieve a higher level in your life. You aim to reach for more and raise your standards.

20. Dream About Drowning In Water

Drowning in dreams could be a sign that you’re feeling overwhelmed, whether it’s at home or work. Drowning could also mean that you don’t have enough time for yourself and you aren’t able to catch your breath.

This dream often happens when you’re too involved in matters or overburdened in waking life. Having this dream will help you better understand your own feelings.

21. Dream About Walking on Water

Dreaming about walking on water isn’t as rare as you’d think. If you have a dream like this, something great is about to happen to you.

As you know the story in the bible about Jesus walking on water signifies that everything is possible if you believe in it. Dreaming about walking on water means that you have the ability to overcome any obstacles that come your way, and that you shouldn’t be fearful about what’s about to happen.

22. Dream About a Flood

A flood could mean that you’re cleansing yourself from the past so you’re prepared for a better future.

Remember the story about Noah’s ark and the flood that destroyed the whole world. After the flood happened, life began again, with new plants and forests, plenty of animals, and humankind flourished.

The flood in your dream could indicate new beginnings.

23. Dream About Boiling Water

A dream about boiling water means that you’re feeling frustrated or angry in waking life. Maybe you’re in a certain situation that’s making you feel resentful or spiteful.

Your anger toward something or someone seems to be a bit out of control. The dream is a symbol that you’re bottling up negative emotions in yourself.

These pent-up tensions can damage your well-being and peace of mind, which is why you need to take care of them and try to resolve the conflict that’s bothering you.

24. Dream About Glass of Water

Dreaming about a glass of water is a symbol of someone from your past. A recent situation or object you’ve seen has reminded you of an old friend.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you’re feeling dehydrated and thirsty. Maybe you feel feeling dehydrated before you went to bed and your brain is reminding you to quench your thirst.

Dreaming that the glass of water is spilling means that there is serenity and abundance around you. Lastly, dreaming of a glass that is only half-full means that there are some challenges you’ll need to overcome, and dreaming of an empty glass means that you’re feeling numb.

25. Dream About Holy Water

When dreaming about holy water, you need to pay attention to the circumstances in the dream, which will help you interpret it. For instance, if you’re dreaming that you’re having a baptism and you’re blessed by holy water in a church, this signifies that fear is holding you back from accomplishing your goals.

If you dream about drinking holy water, this means that you will find luck and success in your future.

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Final Thoughts

To sum it up, water dreams have a strong connection to the emotions you are experiencing in waking life.

It is essential you try to understand your feelings if you want to properly interpret your dreams.

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