What Does Dreaming of Color Green Mean?

In Europe and the United States, the color green is often associated with freshness, spring, and hope. For this reason, green is commonly used to symbolize renewal and rebirth.

For many people, the color green has a strong connection with nature and brings to mind forests, trees, and fresh grass. Green is often described as a calm and refreshing color

Other common associations with the color green are envy, health, money, and luck.

Green can be seen everywhere around us. It’s the most common color in nature.

What are some of the physical effects of the color green?

One study involved people who did indoor exercises while watching a green overlay video of an outdoor space. The subjects perceived less exertion and mood disturbance than when they watched the same video with a gray or red overlay.

When humans see the color green, it has a stress-relieving and calming effect on them.

The Symbolism of the Color Green

The color green has different meanings for different cultures or fields in life.

For instance, in literature, the color green is used in psychological aspects symbolizing relaxation and nature.

In terms of spirituality, the heart chakra, also known as Anahata, is green. According to Hinduism, a chakra is the center of spiritual power in the human body.

There are seven chakras represented in seven colors, and each chakra governs specific functions. The green chakra is in the center of the chest area, and it is connected to the cardiac plexus, circulatory system, lungs, and heart.

In the bible, the color green symbolizes resurrection, renewal, immortality, and eternal life.

Green is the color of vegetation. Spring is a season where there’s a lot of growth and greenery, which is coincidentally the time we celebrate the Resurrection after Easter.

Let’s go through the things you should expect when you see the color green in your dreams.

1. Love and Emotions

As we previously mentioned, green is the color of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is all about emotions, compassion, relationships, forgiveness, and love.

Think about the people and things you love in your life. Do you find your name on this list?

Loving yourself is equally important as loving others. To love yourself means to accept yourself with all of your flaws and to stop comparing yourself with others.

2. Healing

Green is the color of healing. The color green is often connected with forgiveness, as when you forgive others you can heal yourself.

Healing can come in different forms. Sometimes, you need to heal your mind by clearing it of any negative thoughts you have.

Other times, healing refers to healing our hearts, so we’re not stuck in the past and we can move on from a certain situation. Regardless of whether the healing is mental or physical, dreaming about the color green could be a reminder to take some time to heal.

3. New Beginnings

Dreaming about green could mean that change and new beginnings are coming. You could be taking on more projects, whether they’re personal or professional, or you might be realizing your potential for new things in life.

It signifies that it’s time to try out new things, think of new ideas, and start fresh without thinking about any limitations or obstacles.

Dreams about the color green are an indicator that we’re done with the past, we’re moving forward and starting a new chapter in our lives.

4. Progress

Another possible interpretation of green dreams is that we’re going through a growth period. You might be working on renewing yourself personally, or you might be starting a new business project.

The appearance of the color green in your dreams means that you’re reevaluating and rebuilding yourself.

5. Camouflage or Attention

The meaning of the color green in your dream could greatly depend on which shade you saw. For instance, lime green or neon green, or other bright green colors mean that you’re craving attention at the moment.

However, darker shades of green are usually worn by hunters and soldiers to blend in with their environment. Dreaming about darker shades could mean that you’re not looking to draw attention to yourself and that you just want to accomplish your goals.

6. Finances

When thinking about finances and money, the color green often comes to mind. Many financial institutions like banks use the color green in their websites and branding.

Dreaming about green conveys prosperity, providing hope and wealth for a better future.

7. Self-Worth

Dreaming about the color green could mean that you’re struggling with your self-worth. Sometimes we push away the ones closest to us because we don’t feel like we’re worthy of their love.

However, you must accept the love of others to be loved. You must accept yourself and give that love back to others.

13 Common Dreams About Green

Dreams about green don’t have one singular meaning. Instead, they depend on the circumstances in the dream. In this section, we will go through a few common dreams about green and their interpretation.

1. Dreams About Green Vegetables

Dreaming about green vegetables could mean that you’re thinking about your health.

However, we’ve all been told as kids that we should eat our vegetables, and having a dream like this could also mean that we’re experiencing some disdain toward authority figures in our waking life.

If you’re consuming green vegetables regularly, then dreaming about them could mean that you feel like you’re properly nourishing yourself. It could mean that you’re not only taking care of yourself physically, but you’re also setting healthy boundaries and fulfilling your emotional needs.

If you feel like you should eat green vegetables more often, then having this dream could be an indicator that you’re pressured to fit into society.

Lastly, dreaming about green vegetables when you hate them in waking life could be a symbol of the anger you feel toward an authority figure.

2. Dreams About Green Eyes

Dreaming about green eyes is an indicator that you have a strong intuition, and that you should trust it about a situation you’re currently worried about.

If someone with green eyes is looking at you, it means that they know a lot more than they’re letting on, and it’s better to be completely transparent and honest with them.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you should be cautious because someone who doesn’t have the best intentions is watching you.

Seeing beautiful green eyes in your dreams is a positive sign. Changes will affect some of the following areas in your life: knowledge, success, well-being, or personal relationships.

3. Dreams About Green Fruit

You should take this dream as an affirmation that your dreams and ideas are valid, and that you should pursue them. This dream should serve as an inspiration for you to start work on the new task or project you’ve been thinking about.

If you dream about painting a green apple or grapes, it means that you’re ready to share your gifts and blessings with your community. Keep in mind that the things shared with those who are less fortunate than you never go to waste, instead they come back to you multiplied.

4. Dream About Green Leaves

A pile of green leaves in your dreams is an indicator of the importance of the symbol in your dreams. The smaller the pile, the smaller the meaning, and the other way around.

Walking through a pile of leaves means that you’re going to experience some bad luck in the following period. It refers to having complications, issues, and a hard time.

On the other hand, if you walk out of the pile of leaves, then you’re going to overcome this unfortunate situation that awaits you.

5. Dream About Green Frog

Dreams about green frogs represent good relationships and harmony. Seeing green frogs in your dream could be a sign that you handle difficulties better than others.

Another interpretation of a green frog is that you’ll get a fresh start in life.

6. Dreams About Green Grass

Dreaming about green grass symbolizes growth and progress, and the state of the grass can be an indicator of whether or not you feel comfortable with the change that’s happening in your life.

The growth in your life is manageable and comfortable if in your dreams you can walk barefoot or sit on the lawn. However, if the lawn isn’t neatly trimmed, this could be a symbol that there is some pressure that you’re feeling.

If the lawn is wild and untrimmed, this could mean that a certain situation is asking for your attention.

There are also many games and sports that are played on grass, so dreaming about it could be a metaphor for competition in your personal or work life.

7. Dreams About Green Plants

Dreams About Green Plants

If your hobby or work involves green plants, then this dream could just be a reflection of your daily life. In this situation, seeing green plants in your dreams could mean that you are proud of the work you’re doing and that you feel like you’re bringing some type of value to the world.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of experience with growing plants, dreaming about green plants could be a sign that you’re trying out some new things. Even if you don’t know a lot about plants, you’re surely familiar with the concept that by putting in the effort, you will get wonderful results.

Lastly, dreaming about being surrounded by green plants in the jungle or the forest could mean that you need to get more in touch with your wilder side. Something that could help with this is spending more time in nature and taking a break from your routine.

8. Dreams About Green Snakes

Many people are disgusted by snakes and deem them scary because they are sometimes poisonous and can attack unpredictably.

However, grass snakes, and other green snakes, don’t have venom. If you think about it this way, dreaming about a green snake could mean that there’s a person in your life that you find dangerous but in reality they are harmless.

Dreams about snakes often symbolize our sexual lives. In this context, dreaming about a green snake could mean that you’re nervous but excited about pursuing a new sexual relationship.

9. Dreams About A Green Lemon

Dreaming about a green lemon means bad news. Green lemons are a sign of injury or sickness.

This refers to injuries that have longer-lasting effects or transmitted diseases like the flu. A green lemon could also mean psychological or mental trauma.

So, if you aren’t feeling your best self, make sure you check up on yourself.

On the other hand, green lemons could also refer to embarrassment over silly misunderstandings or mistakes.

10. Dream About Green Walls

Seeing green walls in your dreams could signify that you will be happy in your marriage and you’re going to have a great time with your kids. If a motivating message for people who are in a dilemma about whether they should get married or not.

A person that dreams about green walls usually achieves abundance or goodness in the following period. It means positive and good developments for the dreamer.

Green walls in your dreams could also mean that a lot of people around you are praying for your happiness and well-being.

11. Dream About A Green Lizard

Dreaming about a green lizard means that you’re progressing toward your goals. In addition, lizards are often symbols of good luck and transformation, and seeing one in your dreams means that good changes are coming your way.

Similarly, the color green is often associated with wealth and money. Thus, green lizards can be a symbol of material or financial success.

12. Dream About A Green Dress

Dreaming about a green dress is a good omen. It means that in the future you will need to make some decisions.

While you’re deciding, you might wonder whether the risk will be worth it or not. However, this dream is telling you that you will benefit from this situation.

Dreaming about sewing a green dress means that you will unexpectedly get some money, maybe it will be an inheritance or some type of win.

Lastly, purchasing a green dress for yourself could be a simple of possible misunderstandings in the future.

13. Dream About Green Water

Generally speaking, dreaming about water means that there is a sense of instability in your life. Dreaming about green water means that you’re looking for experience.

The main emotions this dream evokes are uneasiness and instability. This dream also symbolizes suppression, in the sense that you’re holding back your emotions and you aren’t able to properly express them.

If the water you’re seeing has green algae in it, the dream is telling you that you need to confront your suppressed emotions in order to resolve them.

Dreaming about drinking green water means that you should follow your desires and dreams, and use your strength to fight for them.

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Final Thoughts

Because the color green is strongly connected with nature, people often describe it as calm, fresh, and natural. However, you need to keep in mind that individual experiences and cultural influences also shape our feelings toward this color.

The next time you dream about the color green, make sure you take into consideration the context of the dream and the mood and emotion this color brought up in you.

If you know know the purpose of your dream about green, you may discover a lot of things about yourself, your desires, and your emotions. This article is meant to do just that, and we hope it helped!

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