Dreaming of Witnessing a Murder Meaning

Any dream that involves something related to murder is undoubtedly a horrifying experience. You wake up scared, lost, and even slightly dissociated and unaware of your surroundings. The first question that probably pops up in your mind is, “What does this dream mean?”

We’re here to help you understand the meaning of dreaming about witnessing murders and trace these dreams back to their roots.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Witnessing Murders?

First and foremost, you should know that the dreams about witnessing murders do not predict the future – they aren’t signs that something really bad is going to happen.

In fact, they have much more to do with your own feelings rather than those of the other people involved in the dream itself.

Everything we dream about is inspired by our experience, as Sigmund Freud states in “The Interpretation of Dreams.” The truly difficult part is establishing a connection between what we see while we’re unconscious and what we have experienced or are still experiencing as conscious beings.

Today we’re here to help you outline this connection. Keep reading to learn more about how these dreams are linked to what we feel and experience in our waking life. We’ve outlined eight possible meanings for dreaming of witnessing murders.

1. Powerlessness and Guilt

Witnessing a murder in your dream is often a sign of powerlessness. You’re watching someone being killed and cannot do anything about it. It might be that you’re a very empathetic person in your waking life, and you have a strong desire to help people.

Maybe someone in your life – a family member or a close friend – is having a difficult time and needs some support.

As much as we’d like a practical solution to any problem, sometimes this isn’t possible. We can, however, help the ones in need by being there for them and actively listening to what they’ve been going through.

For instance, a family member or a friend is sick, and you’re watching them suffer. You’re probably feeling deeply powerless because there’s nothing you can do to take the suffering away. Remember that some things aren’t in our power, and there’s nothing we should feel guilty for.

2. Fear and Vulnerability

As much as we try to avoid discussing how we feel about death, this is an imminent aspect of our lives.

You might dream about someone being murdered if you’re afraid to lose them. You feel vulnerable regarding your relationship with those you care about. This is only natural – after all, we’re all humans and always doing our best to ensure that the ones we love are safe and healthy.

Fear and vulnerability can take the form of such a dream even if they’re not related to death itself – you might be afraid to end a relationship or make a big change in your life.

3. Repressed Anger

If you’ve dreamed about witnessing a murder, then your subconsciousness is probably trying to tell you that you must deal with the anger or resentment you’ve ignored for so long.

The dream may be purely symbolic, meaning you may not even recognize the killer and the victim.

Is there someone who’s deceived you? Is there someone who abandoned you when you needed them the most? Or maybe you’ve gone through something you considered extremely unfair either toward yourself or others.

Remember that all these feelings are valid and need to be accepted and processed. Otherwise, they’ll keep trying to surface by taking the form of such distressing dreams.

4. Metaphorical Death

Witnessing a murder in your dream is often regarded as a metaphorical death of a certain aspect of your life.

You’re about to experience big changes in your life. Your dream is a sign that you shouldn’t be afraid to turn the page and start a new chapter. Perhaps you’ve considered ending a relationship, changing your career path, or moving to a new country.

This can also have deep psychological meaning if you’ve been trying to understand yourself or overcome trauma. The victim in your dream may be that aspect of your personality you’re trying to change.

For example, Anna is a perfectionist, and since it affects her well-being and personal life, she’s trying to change this habit of doing everything perfectly. One night, she dreams about witnessing a murder.

It can be an indication that she’s on the right path. She’s strong enough to put an end to the behavior that’s been affecting her life negatively. The killer may be the embodiment of her therapist or anyone else helping her along the way, and the victim is the bad habit she’s trying to eliminate.

5. Stressful Situations

Dreaming about witnessing a murder can be associated with stressful situations. Whether it has to do with your personal life or professional environment, something makes you feel anxious and uneasy.

Seeing someone being murdered may be a suggestion from your unconscious mind that you should reconsider the things causing such tension in your life.

It can also indicate that you’ll only harm yourself if you keep putting up with the stress. The victim, in this situation, is a certain aspect of your life. For example, if you’re working too many hours, this aspect will hurt your relationships or cause health issues.

6. The Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

Seeing someone being murdered can undoubtedly make the witness feel overwhelmed by the situation. Therefore, this can be a reflection of how you’re feeling in your waking life. Maybe you have too many responsibilities and cannot keep up with them.

Depression can also cause people to feel overwhelmed with daily activities. If you think this is the case, you should consider seeing a therapist – don’t forget that you can always talk to someone, and there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

7. Moral Dilemma

Have you recently seen someone doing something you thought was incorrect? For example, a co-worker did something completely against the company’s rules and values.

You’re now trying to decide whether you should report this behavior or let things go with the flow. Dreaming about witnessing a murder is probably just your subconsciousness telling you you’re having a moral dilemma. You should take a moment to consider what the best solution to your problem is.

8. Waking Life Murder Experience

Sometimes dreaming about witnessing a murder has no deep psychological meaning. Whether you’ve watched something murder-related on the news, binge-watched a true crime docuseries, or just finished a thriller book – all of these can be reflected in your dreams.

Therefore, dreaming about someone being killed may simply be how your unconscious mind processes the distressing events you’ve heard or read about.

7 Scenarios of Dreams About Witnessing Murders

While it would be impossible to predict every murder dream scenario, we’ve created a list of the most common ones. Even if you can’t find the explanation you’re looking for, the dreams portrayed below may pave the way toward exploring your feelings and waking life experiences.

1. Dreaming About Your Family Being Murdered

If you’re dreaming about your family being murdered, your unconscious mind may be telling you that the relationship with your parents or siblings isn’t at its best. Maybe there’s a family conflict, or an important upcoming event will affect your life.

It may be that you’re planning to move to your own place, and this dream is the embodiment of the separation anxiety both you and your family experience.

You’re probably somewhat afraid of the future and the decisions you’ll now have to take on your own. Transitioning from being supported by your parents to becoming a self-sufficient adult can be challenging, but you need to believe in yourself!

You may also have such a dream if you’re afraid to lose someone in your family. Your subconsciousness is trying to tell you that you’re willing to do anything to protect them.

2. Dreaming About Witnessing a Murder by Gun or Knife

Dreaming About Witnessing a Murder by Knife

Dreaming about witnessing someone committing murder by shooting or stabbing the other person to death is a sign of power. It can point to a situation in which you feel threatened by someone. Maybe you want to be promoted, but someone else is craving the same promotion – therefore, you might lose a part of your power.

Such a dream can also symbolize your strong ambition and the methods you’re considering to achieve the power you’re striving for. Maybe you’ve thought about some unethical means of accomplishing your goal. In this case, your subconsciousness is trying to show you the situation from a broader perspective and suggest that there may be better ways to guarantee success.

3. Dreaming About Witnessing a Child Being Murdered

Children symbolize innocence, playfulness, and happiness. Seeing children in your dreams can highlight the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It can also mean that you’re trying to use your creativity to the maximum. However, what does it mean when you witness a child being murdered?

First, this dream may be connected to something that has recently happened in your waking life. It can signify the metaphorical death of your inner child. Maybe you lost someone close to you, or you’ve experienced a traumatic event that caused you to see the world from a different perspective.

Furthermore, this scenario could imply that you’re having trouble connecting with others and engaging in healthy and meaningful relationships.

A dream of this nature may also suggest that you’re not using your potential to the fullest and should be open to embracing new beliefs.

If you’re dreaming about your child being murdered, you’re probably overwhelmed by the anxiety of keeping your kid safe and protected.

4. Dreaming About Your Partner or Friend Killing Someone

Dreaming about your partner or friend killing someone indicates that you’re having doubts about your relationship with them.

Are you having second thoughts about your partner? Did your friend do something that made you feel betrayed or unloved? Or maybe you’re trapped in a conflict that involves the killer and the victim in your dream.

Take a minute to reflect on your relationship with the person who’s committing the murder in your dream. Maybe some unspoken things need to be discussed.

5. Dreaming of Your Friend Killing Someone Who Hurt You

Our family and friends are undoubtedly our superheroes because they are always there for us when we need them. Seeing such a dream isn’t strange at all – it merely reflects how safe you feel around them.

This may also be a way your subconsciousness is encouraging you to rely more on yourself than others. Maybe you’re afraid to take control of a certain situation or have a serious talk with someone that would imply opening yourself up.

6. Dreaming About Being a Murder Accomplice

If you’re dreaming about witnessing a murder and then helping the killer cover it up, your unconscious mind may be telling you that you should reassess a certain situation in your waking life. Are you trying to help someone, although this goes against your principles and moral values?

For example, you discovered that your friend is unfaithful to his/her partner. Your friend confides in you and tells you the reason behind it. You understand that your friend isn’t a bad person. However, cheating goes against what you stand for, and you feel guilty that you have to hide it from your friend’s partner.

This meaning can also be attributed to dreams in which you’re witnessing someone murdering another person in self-defense.

7. Dreaming of Witnessing a Massacre

Last but not least, a dream in which you’re witnessing a massacre is undoubtedly one of the most disturbing ones.

This experience is probably a sign that you’re caught up in something you cannot control. There may be some big upcoming changes within your workplace, and you do not want to be part of the process. Or perhaps you’re in the middle of a family dispute, and you’re observing your parents or siblings fighting each other.

Such a dream can also suggest that you’re about to make a significant change in your life. Your subconsciousness processes it in the form of a massacre dream.

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Dreaming about witnessing a murder is, without a doubt, an unpleasant experience. There’s no need to panic, however, as there’s usually a reasonable explanation as to why your subconsciousness wanted you to see those images.

Remember that our dreams are connected to something that happened in our waking life. If you’re worried about it, take your time to connect the dots, and you’ll probably find the answer within yourself.

On the other hand, consider any true crime movies or documentaries you might’ve watched recently. Or maybe you’d bought a thriller book and planned to read it over the weekend.

If that’s the case, your dream probably does not have a deep psychological meaning. It is only related to the images you’ve seen in the movie or to the book plot you’re looking forward to!

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