Dreaming of Being Held Hostage Meaning

Dreams don’t just happen at random. They always have a deeper meaning.

Dreaming that you are being held hostage can be incredibly terrifying. This is true especially if the people holding you captive are hostile.

Dreams often reflect your real-life experiences. Dreaming of being held hostage can be a sign that you’re feeling stuck by a circumstance in your life.

Also, it can indicate that some people are harboring negative thoughts against you. But there is more to the meaning of being held hostage in a dream than this.

Being held hostage in a dream might have numerous interpretations.

Read on- in this post, you’ll learn about the meaning, symbolism and interpretation of being held hostage in a dream.

Being Held Hostage in A Dream Meaning

You’re Too Hard on Yourself

Sometimes, we are the architect of our problems. Being held hostage in a dream may be a sign that you hold yourself to unrealistic standards.

You often fall short of your goals and feel terrible about them. As a result, you’ve become a prisoner of your own expectations.

You need to abandon the false expectations and benchmarks you’ve established for yourself. Setting goals is important, but when such goals are unattainable, they become harmful to your mental health.

Your subconscious is alerting you to your situation through this dream, to enable you to create simple achievable goals.

Negative Influence and Control

Dreaming about being held hostage can be a sign that you might have negative influence and control around you. Maybe, you are subject to obey some instructions that you’re not comfortable with.

These instructions can come from your boss, spouse, family or even the government.

It could also indicate that your freedom and the way you want to live your life may also be unfairly constrained by your job, business or a relationship you are in.


One of the most powerful psychological factors that hold people hostage is fear. Dreaming that you are being held hostage may indicate that you are worried about losing things that are important to you.

It might be a job, relationship, or family connection.

You worry so much about losing these things, even though you have no control over what happens to them.

This dream is a message to let go of your fear and live confidently.

Low Self-Confidence

Dreaming about being held hostage can signify that you don’t trust yourself to make good decisions. You doubt your ability to make the best choice at the proper time.

The dream indicates that you are not confident enough to recognize what you should do at every point in life. Because of this, you are never quite sure if the choice you make is the best one.

The way out is to start believing in yourself. Even if you make mistakes, take responsibility for your actions and keep moving forward.

Excessive Dependence on Others

You can’t live life at best if you constantly depend on others to make you feel special and accepted. Dreaming about being held hostage is a sign that you need to break free from the mental barrier of excessive dependence on others.

You need to build a unique and confident personality. It’s possible you’re fond of depending on family, friends and colleagues to validate your self-worth.

This might also make you vulnerable to being manipulated and controlled. You need start being intentional about what you want in life and pursue it.

Begin to break away from unhealthy dependence on other people. We all need people to succeed in life.

However, we cannot enjoy true freedom and peace if we always depend on others to make decisions for us.

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10 Scenarios of Being Held Hostage in Dream and Meaning

Dream About Someone Else Being Held Hostage

Depending on whether you know the person, having a dream about someone else being held hostage might imply several things.

If the person held in hostage is a stranger, it signifies you are about to experience some strange sickness. But, this sickness can be prevented if you take proper care of your health.

It’s possible you’ve been ignoring some symptoms you’ve been getting lately. This dream is a warning that you should take immediate actions to stop a critical health condition.

If you dream of your sibling being held hostage, it is a sign that they are going through some tough times. You may not be aware as they may not have told you about it.

But, you should reach out and find out what is going on in their lives. Even if you do not have all it takes to help them, your encouragement will go a long way to cheer them up.

The same meaning applies when you see a friend being held hostage.

Dream of An Aged Person Being Held Hostage

When you dream that an old person or a person with a disability is being kept captive, it means that there are some negative things happening in your immediate environment that you need to confront.

You might be in a position to assist someone in need. Even if you don’t feel appreciated for the good you’ve done in the past, continue to lend a hand.

Dream About Your Parents Being Held Hostage

Dreaming about your parents being held in hostage could suggest that you are not giving adequate attention to your parent’s needs.

It could be a sign that they have needs you are not aware of.

You should check up on them and render any assistance you can.

Dream of your parents being held in hostage could also suggest that you are afraid of repeating the parenting mistakes of your parents.

It’s possible that there were certain aspects of your upbringing that your parents didn’t get properly. You’re worried that you’ll act exactly like they did.

Your subconscious mind, however, encourages you to overcome your fear and make conscious efforts to do better than your parent.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you need to intervene and resolve a disagreement between your parents.

Family Hostage Dream Meaning

Dreaming about your family being held hostage can be quite traumatizing. It can signify that someone close to your family is getting jealous and envious.

It can also indicate that someone is going to take advantage of a trust built over the years to hurt you.

When our family is in distress, we do everything we can to intervene and save the situation. Dreaming about your family in hostage is a sign that you need work harder and smarter to get better results.

It can be a sign that you should put in more efforts in your career or business. Explore all the skills you have to attain good success.

Dream of Being Held Hostage at Gunpoint

It can feel very frightening to dream about being held hostage at gunpoint. But it’s not always a bad sign.

The dream can be a sign that you are developing quiet confidence to face very difficult situations. It can also signify that you should not be afraid to confront your fears.

It also signifies that you should take prompt actions to avoid things getting out of hand.

Alternatively, dreaming about being held hostage at gunpoint can be a sign that you’re thinking about revenge. You might have been deeply hurt by someone and you’re thinking of fighting back.

But, this dream is a warning that you should drop the thoughts of revenge as it may hurt you even more.

Dreams About Being Held Hostage and Escaping

Dreaming about being held hostage and escaping may indicate that you’re feeling emotionally trapped but there’s an opportunity for freedom. You need to be alert to maximise the opportunity that is opening before you.

It can also imply that you’re about to experience relief over a difficult situation you’ve been battling.

Dream of Being Held Hostage in A House

Dream of Being Held Hostage in A House

Seeing a dream where you’re held hostage in a house suggests that you are getting overwhelmed with your house-hold responsibilities. As a man it implies majority of your expenses are made for the house and you want to get involved in other things.

As a woman, you want to pursue other aspirations, but you are not unable to do so.

While family is very important, it’s important you also strive for balance in every other aspects of your life.

Dreams About Being Held Hostage by Someone You Know

Dreaming of being held hostage by someone you know can have two meanings, depending on your relationship with the person in real life and other details of the dream.

It may mean that someone you know has detected danger and is preparing to take action to protect you. Although you might not like the way the assistance is provided, you’ll be grateful it was done that way in the end.

Dreaming about being held hostage by someone can also signify that someone you know is about to cause you a temporary setback.

Dream About Being Held Hostage by Terrorists

Dreaming of being held hostage by terrorists can signify good things. It can be a sign that you’re about to encounter strangers who will be very good to you.

Alternatively, dreaming about being hostage by terrorists can suggest that you’re feeling subdued by other people’s opinion about you.

You may not control how people treat you, but you can control how you react. This dream is a sign that you should not allow the opinion or judgements of others about you affect you negatively.

Dreaming of Being Held Hostage and Tortured

Being held hostage is scary enough, how much more being tortured in the process.

Seeing yourself held hostage and tortured in a dream strongly indicates that you’re under an enormous weight of pressure in your waking life.

The dream also indicates that you’re worried and stressed over situations in your life that are out of your control.


Even though, dreaming about being held hostage can be intimidating, understanding what it means can help you make wiser decisions in your waking life.

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