Dreams About Being Chased Meaning

Being chased in real life is not a funny experience. It will pop your adrenaline, raise your pulse, and leave you with sweaty palms.

You can relate to these feelings if a school bully or a stray dog ever chased you. Dreams about being chased leave you with the same experience.

No one enjoys being chased, except for sports. However, dreams about being chased are common among so many people.

dreams about being chased

In this post, we went into great depth to uncover all you need to know about the meaning of your dreams about being chased. Continue reading to discover them.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Being Chased

Generally, being chased in the dream indicate fear, stress, avoidance, and betrayal.


Most times, our dreams reveal the current state of our minds. You may feel threatened, unsafe, and afraid in your waking life.

This state of mind can result in having such dreams. Perhaps, you’ve been contemplating the possibility of being betrayed by your close friends and associates.

As a result, you feel worried and afraid. But you shouldn’t be. Fear is a negative emotion that saps strength and induces a lot of emotional and physical challenges.

Fear will take away your happiness. Get rid of fear and live more confidently and boldly.


It’s a busy world. We are always on the move. The engine is constantly grinding with little or no time for rest.

All these can take a toll on you and make you feel like something is pursuing you. It can then reflect in your dreams.

This dream serves as a reminder that you need to rest and relax.

Indeed, stress can symbolize what is pursuing you.

Your subconscious mind wants you to slow down your pace of activities and relax. You will become more creative and healthier after a good time of rest.


Dreaming about being chased can signify you are ignoring to confront a critical situation in your waking life. There may be a difficult conversation you have been avoiding having with someone.

Or there is an issue you are afraid to confront. And now, it is becoming a significant challenge for you.

The dream reminds you to brace up, face your responsibilities and confront your fears.


This meaning is often the case when you are being chased in your dream by a close friend. It signifies betrayal and conflict. You may get into a difficult situation with someone you trust.

This dream also signifies that someone close might entertain thoughts of envy, jealousy, and hatred toward you. Perhaps a colleague in your workplace plans to set you up and replace you.

Stay calm if this is the case. This dream made you aware of such intentions, so you will not fall victim.

Spiritual Meaning of Being Chased in A Dream

Pursuing A Goal

In life, we are all pursuing something. We want peace, happiness, fulfillment, wealth, good health, and love. This dream can signify you are pursuing something worthwhile.

But it would be best if you were determined to reach your goals. There will be challenges, but do not quit.

This dream might indicate that success is on your trail, but you need to make reasonable efforts so that it will catch up with you.


Being chased in dream can signify progress, especially if your shadows are chasing you. It is an indication of growth and progress.

Your subconscious mind wants you to keep being a better version of yourself. Only rest on your oars once you attain the ultimate

success you desire.

Be proud of your past accomplishments and breakthroughs. However, you need to be constantly evolving and improving.


When someone wants to attack you, it is wise to run away to safety. Seeing this dream of being chased can indicate wisdom and foresight.

It suggests you have a gentle personality and you would avoid trouble at all costs. The dream can also signify there’s going to be a conflict around you soon, but you should not get involved in it.

Even though people close to you would like you to get involved, you should not. Instead, run away from such situations to avoid regrets in the future.

Spiritual Attack

It is especially true if fearful beasts and monsters chased you in the dream. This dream can reveal that you are about to experience a severe spiritual attack by dark spirits and wicked powers.

Do not be afraid or worried. Remember, it was just a dream and has not happened in real life. What you should do is seek spiritual growth and enlightenment to enable you to overcome such impending attacks.

Examples of Dreams About Being Chased and Their Meaning

dream of being chased

To get a more vivid interpretation of your dreams, look at the common scenarios mentioned below and their interpretations.

Dreaming Someone Is Chasing You

The meaning of this dream depends on the face of the person pursuing you. It can be the face of someone you know in real life.

If this is so, what is the dominant character of that person?

Maybe the person is predominantly angry. This is a sign that you should beware of excessive anger in your waking life.

Suppose it is the face of a close friend or family member. In that case, it signifies you are harboring repressed and unresolved inner conflict.

Deal with this conflict so that you will be free and relieved.

Dreams About Being Chased and Hiding

We often find it challenging to overcome an adverse event in our past. It could be the loss of a loved one, a business failure, or even a past relationship.

This dream could indicate that a traumatic event in your past still haunts you. You have not adequately gotten over such tragedies.

In this case, the past symbolizes what is chasing you. Let the past go so that you can experience happiness again.

Additionally, being chased and hiding indicates shame and a fear of change. There is something in your life you are not so proud of. You fear that such things will be discovered and used against you.

You might also be afraid of change. There are going to be some changes in your real life. But you are uncomfortable and scared.

You may want to make a significant career move. Or change a location or enter into a new business contract. The dream serves as a warning not to be afraid or shamed. But to boldly embrace changes in your waking life.

Recurring Dreams of Being Chased

Seeing recurring dreams of being chased can signify heightened stress and worry over something in your life. You are probably under some pressure, and your subconscious mind is trying to tell you to relax and rest.

Take some time away from your routine and relax. Identify the root cause of those anxieties and handle it.

Being Chased by A Snake in A Dream

In some cultures, snakes signify transformation and healing. If a snake is chasing you in the dream, it can suggest you are about to experience healing and emotional recovery.

It also shows you will go through a process of transformation and personal growth.

However, this dream can also indicate impending betrayal and infidelity. Perhaps someone you love is about to betray you. This person has entertained thoughts of envy, hatred, and jealousy toward you.

Prepare your mind beforehand so you will not be negatively affected by this disappointing situation.

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Dreams of Being Chased by A Man

This dream can signify some difficulties and challenges that are threatening your well-being. If the man pursuing you didn’t catch you, it is a sign you will ultimately overcome all obstacles.

If the man catches up with you in the dream, it can show you need to ask for help in your waking life. Do not allow situations to overwhelm you; seek help from appropriate places.

If it’s a health challenge, seek professional help from doctors and healthcare givers. Do not keep quiet or attempt to manage the challenges in your life alone.

This dream can also signify that someone is monitoring or stalking your life. You need to be careful about the kind of activities going on around you.

Dreams About Being Chased by A Killer

Everything must end someday. This nightmare of being chased by a killer can indicate an end to a relationship, a business, or, more positively, an illness.

This dream can also mean you are thinking of revenge. Maybe someone offended you, and thoughts of payback are floating in your mind.

The dream can be a warning not to take laws into your hands as it may lead to undesirable outcomes.

Dreams of Being Chased by A Bear

Being chased by a bear can represent the need for protection. You may feel unsafe and insecure in real life.

Therefore, you sense an increasing need to protect yourself from unforeseen hazards. This kind of dream should not make you fear. Instead, it would help if you were careful to take safety measures.

Minimize being outside at night or being alone in a lonely place. Always ensure that your family and close friends know where you are.

This dream can also signify you will be strong, courageous, and aggressive in the face of any challenge you may experience. Sometimes, an animal such as a bear hides from a safe distance to size its prey before attacking.

Seeing a bear pursuing you in the dream may indicate you have that similar features of courage, strength, and bravery.

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Dream of Being Chased by A Madman

People with mental health issues usually require attention. When a madman pursues you in a dream, it is a sign you need to pay attention to certain things in your life.

Your health, finances, family, friends, relationships, and personal growth may need your attention.

After having such dreams, identify the areas in your life that you have been neglecting and give them attention.

Dream of Being Chased by A Dog

Dogs are symbols of loyalty, friendliness, and protection. When you see such dreams of a dog chasing you, it can stand for having a functional network of good friends.

Unfriendly people may surround you in your life. Your dream is a sign you should begin to invest in quality relationships.

This dream can also symbolize anger, powerlessness, and feeling victimized. Perhaps, you feel your life is not under your control, and you are afraid, angry, and vulnerable to threats.

Dream About Being Chased by Police

This kind of dream signifies an impending difficulty, but you will overcome in the end. You will get help from people you did not expect.

A tough situation in your life will be an opportunity to discover those who truly love you.

This dream can also point out that you are about to get a false allegation case.

It would help if you worked hard to clear your name and reputation.

Dream of Being Chased by A Predator

Predators are animals that usually eat other animals. Seeing this kind of animal chasing you in the dream is symbolic.

Bear chasing in a dream is a sign of jealousy, envy, hatred, and deception. People around want you to stay on track with them. They see you as a rival and may secretly plan for your demotion.

This dream is a warning to examine the nature of your relationship with your people carefully.

Dream of Being Chased with A Knife

The knife is a valuable kitchen utensil but a dangerous weapon in a fight. Seeing yourself being chased with a knife in a dream can signify there are certain aspects of your life that you are about to cut out.

It is often the case if some of your negative habits and attitudes have bordered you. The dream can be an indication that you are about to get rid of such elements.

You should embrace the coming changes and work to sustain the new lifestyle.

Dream of Being Chased by A Bull

Bulls in dreams typically stand for business and money.

This dream can show you are making some financial mistakes that might result in future regrets.

After having this kind of dream, sit down to analyze your financial spending and investment habits. You may have started excess use of business money for personal expenses.

It can also indicate you should ensure legal backing to all your business dealings to prevent the government from seizing or confiscating your goods.

Dreaming of Being Chased by Gangsters

Events in your life may be going so fast you want to catch up. Seeing gangsters chasing you in the dream can be a sign you need to be fast and flow with the order of things in your life.

It is also a sign you are avoiding some tricky situations in your life.

Dream of Being Chased by A Dead Person

If it is a dead relative pursuing you, it shows you are about to make a wrong decision. The dead relative doesn’t want you to make that decision. Hence they are pursuing you away from wrong decisions to the right decisions.

Seeing a dead person chase you in a dream can also signify you should give unconditional love, and attention to your family.

Dream of Being Chased by A Lion

Generally, the lion is known as the king of the jungle. Depending on the mood of the lion in the dream, seeing this kind of dream can signify difficulty and obstacles to overcome in life’s journey.

If the lion is chasing you from the forest, it can indicate there are external conflicts you need to settle with people. On the other hand, if the lion is from the zoo, it is a sign that you have some internal issues to resolve.

A white lion chasing you might mean dignity, courage and pure leadership. It means you have the skills of a leader and you need to discover your potentials.

Dreams of Being Chased by Zombies

Zombies are fictional characters animated to look like human corpses. Seeing one pursuing you in a dream can show you are trying to hide from reality.

There is so much stress and anxiety in your life that you are beginning to forget about reality and live in a make-believe world. But there are better approaches to handle the situation.

Be bold to face everything blocking your progress in your waking life.

Dream of Being Chased by A Stranger

This dream is a sign that you feel threatened, but you don’t know the source of the threat. It can also be a sign that you are worried and concerned for no reason.

Dream About Being Chased by A Group

Everyone belongs to a group. It can be a family, neighborhood, business, or even a nation. These groups can put you under some pressure with their expectations.

Being chased by a group may indicate you feel pressured by a group you belong to. It also signifies conspiracy and a gang-up against you.

It is not the best to hate or withdraw from these groups; rather be vigilant and watchful. On the positive side, such dreams also signify motivation and encouragement to progress and work hard in your waking life.

Dreaming of Flying and Being Chased

This dream might mean you must adopt a higher strategy to conquer the obstacles you are facing. It doesn’t mean the new strategy will eliminate all the challenges, but it will give you more advantages to win.

It can also suggest you mistrust others and always want to escape any situation that demands commitment and trust.

Also, it can be a sign that you are running away from someone or something in your life.

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Dreams are the means through which we receive hidden messages from our subconscious minds. Being chased in a dream is a common dream with various meanings.

Try not to get emotionally disturbed after such dreams. Recall other details of the dream and try to understand what it means for you.

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