Dreams About Bears Meaning & Symbolism

Dreams about bears are some of the most uncommon animal dreams, yet, they rank high as some of the most positive dreams you can ever have. It does not matter which culture you come from or your beliefs about bears. Over the world, dreaming about a bear is seen as a good omen.

Bears have a long history in many cultures, from the Native Americans in the US to the Han Dynasty in China. The Bible has several complimentary remarks about the bear, showcasing its enormous strength, protective nature, and attentive demeanor. In these many traditions, bears are portrayed as a sign of strength, power, and courage.

Since you are already interested in knowing the dream meaning of a bear, read on to find out the many more symbolisms that such dreams convey.

Bear Symbolism in Dreams

Bear Symbolism in Dreams

When dreaming of animals, it is important to look at their traits and how they compare to our habits. Animal traits may be specified in the wild but vary from culture to culture, portraying the same animals in a different light. This is to say animal dreams have more to do with our instincts than the animals themselves.

So, to get to know what a bear means in your dream, you first ask yourself what you think of the animal. Is the bear frightening to you because of the numerous attacks you hear on the news? Do you see the bear as a fluffy caregiver willing to protect its cubs at all costs? Is the bear a representation of warrior power and heroism?

Take a deep look into how your culture and personal beliefs tell you about the bear, and pay attention to how you feel when you wake from the dream. You can then proceed to look at these symbolic representations of bear dreams.


Did you know the grizzly bear has about the same strength as five human adults? The bear’s ferocious demeanor is often compared to that of a lion. These massively strong animals have been depicted in numerous mythical stories as creatures to be feared and respected.

Their great size, long, strong teeth, and colossal weight make them the perfect representation of power and strength. Dreams about bears act as a manifestation of the power we have and to be cautious of how we use them.

Confidence and Peace

Bears show inner peace and courage in North American culture and Chinese beliefs. They signify a sense of calm and completeness in one’s existence.

Bears keep to themselves, pay attention to their surroundings, and are resourceful in their communities. They are self-sufficient, intelligent, and rarely seek help from other species.


Bears are not naturally aggressive but tend to become very aggressive when threatened. They are very particular about their space, food, and cubs. Bears always tend to avoid people but get very aggressive very quickly when people get closer to them.

Dreaming about a bear may indicate you value your own space and want to protect it. This may indicate a potential attack from others or your reluctance to change.

Protective Caregiver

Native American hunters considered it bad luck to kill a Mama Bear. The attentiveness of the bear (particularly grizzly bear) to its cubs is one of the animal’s most revered traits. In fact, 70% of all deaths caused by grizzly bears are by mothers protecting their cubs.

If you dream of a mama bear and cubs, this is a sign that you are in a protective role or about to be in one. You feel responsible and willing to do anything to care for those under your care.

20 Common Examples of Dreams About Bears

Bear dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Most popular depictions of the creatures in our dreams have more to do with caring for or fighting. Let us dive into their many meanings and see where your particular dream fits:

1. Dreams About Bears Chasing You

Escaping from a frightening bear is one of the most unnerving dreams you can wake up from. A bear chasing you comes in various forms, so it is important to remember the feeling you get when being chased.

Fear and despair show that you are running away from a terrifying situation in real life, and you feel like you are trapped. You are scared of confronting the problem head-on, so you are stuck in a loop of always running to avoid facing the truth about your habits. You won’t win until you stop and confront it.

2. Dreaming of A Bear Running Away from You

Contrary to what you may think, this dream’s meaning is the same as one of the bears chasing you. In this dream, you are often an observer wondering why the strong and capable creature is running away. It is you asking yourself the question, why are you running away?

The bear represents you trying to escape an uncomfortable situation and questioning yourself. You know you have what it takes to make the tough decisions, but you keep doing the opposite of what you wish.

3. Dreaming of A Bear Attack

A bear attack in a dream can take many forms, from a biting incident to an aggressive bear charging toward you, where you start fighting the bear. The dream shows you your aggressive side that comes out when your human instincts kick in.

You are in a confrontational situation where your character or sense of self is questioned. You struggle to fight the criticism, but it breeds more hostility and resentment. The confrontation may concern your strength, power, sexual performance, and self-respect.

4. Dreams About an Aggressive Bear

An aggressive bear shows anger, frustration, and resentment towards someone or a situation. It denotes an ongoing struggle that is bubbling up inside you, making you bitter and enraged at the outcomes of certain decisions.

You may be trying to ignore some emotions or do not know how to face certain problems that have come to light. This is a good time to look deeper, soul-search, and talk to someone to get to the bottom of your aggression.

5. Dreams About Bear Fighting

Bears fighting in your dreams indicate an ongoing internal struggle. It is similar to raging waters and stormy dreams where you feel like there is this internal battle. The struggle in your mind is giving you restless nights and indicates an unresolved issue.

If two bears are fighting, then these may be your perceived good side and bad side trying to take over a certain battle. It is time to bring this fight into the real world and choose what to do. If you wake up feeling agitated for no reason, then the fight may point to your primal nature wanting to come out and play.

6. Dreaming of Hunting A Bear

A bear, in this case, denotes a goal or achievement you have been working towards and cannot wait to accomplish it. It is the manifestation of your most desirable success in life, and you are getting closure to achieving those dreams sooner than you think.

You have spotted an enticing opportunity in your real life, and you are planning a strategy to seize the day. Head on towards your goals since this is a good omen letting you know you are on the right path.

7. Dreaming About Killing a Bear

Killing certain bears is considered bad luck in some cultures, including the Native American communities. However, when the dream is about killing a bear, it is considered good luck since it signifies your strength and power to complete a challenging task.

Proceed to make all the changes and decisions you are planning; your conscious and subconscious have given you the all-clear to get it done.

8. Dreams About Bears in the House

If bears are in the house and just moving up and about, then this is a clear representation of the strong, nurturing energy you are surrounded with. If there is aggression and attack inside the house, you do not feel safe in the comfort of your home.

9. Dreams About Bears Trying to Get in House

Bears lurking outside your house denote unsettling situations you may have to confront if you leave your comfort zone. It is the fear of failure and worries about what may lie outside your own comfort. This is a sign to head out and explore because the adventure is huge and worth it.

10. Dreams About Bears and Cubs

In Biblical writings, bears and cubs are mentioned in Proverbs 17:12, “Better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool bent on folly.” A similar sentiment is shown in Hosea 13:8, “Like a bear robbed of her cubs, I will attack them and rip them open…”

It is undeniable to see the power and courage given to Mama Bear. She is a relentless creature who won’t fear crossing anyone or anything when her cubs are in harm’s way. Dreaming about a bear and a cub is a sign that you are feeling protective of the people in your life.

You may be expecting a child or already have some younglings who you care for with every bone in your body. It is a sign of the bond you have with them and that you will never let anything bad happen to them.

11. Polar Bear in a Dream

Polar bears bring out the most adventurous and interesting side of bears. They are a sign of great things to come bringing together the lovable nature of the bears as well as the aggression to help you achieve more success. They also denote peace.

12. Black Bear in Dream

Black Bear in Dream

Black bears are chill and relaxed most of the time, which is why you dream about them. They are a mirror of the primal nature of bears in their own space. This means you are in your best state, filled with lots of power, freedom, and strength to be as great as you want to be.

13. Dreams About Brown Bears

Brown bears are more associated with the Mama Bear. Their meaning will vary with other instances of the dream, but generally, they are a positive sign: denoting great primal instincts, ferocious attentiveness, strength, and protective power.

14. Baby Bear Dream Meaning

Baby bears in dreams are an indication of the things and people who are under your sphere of influence. It shows that you are in a position of respect and power.

15. Dream About Bonding with a Bear

Dreams involving bonding with a bear may include some friendliness, playfulness, and hugging. All of these are good omens denoting your easy-going nature and laid-back attitude that makes many people gravitate towards you. You are loved by those around you and are surrounded by many pleasant experiences with them.

16. Dreams About Bear Traps

Like most traps in dreams, bear traps indicate an unchanging situation that makes you feel stuck in life. You feel like you are capable of being more than you are. It is a good omen showing you it is time to do what you want with your life. Pick a challenging task that utilizes your abilities to the fullest.

17. Dreams of a Circus Bear

As we have seen, bears mostly signify strength and power. However, a circus bear is not a good omen in that regard. Circus bears in dreams are signs of tricks going on in your life and a false sense of power that is not grounded in true strength. People think you are powerful and strong, but in reality, you lack a true sense of power.

18. Dreaming of an Injured Bear

An injured bear in a dream shows a difficult and confusing situation, big enough to put down a strong individual like yourself. The injury signifies illness, tragedy, intimacy issues, severed communications, and many more obstacles. It is a bad sign that shows you feel like you are in bondage, unable to free yourself.

19. Dreams of a Talking Bear

A talking animal in a dream is used to denote superior knowledge or transcendence into your inner spiritual self. It is the manifestation of the wisdom and knowledge of your subconscious that you have been disregarding. It is time to take heed of the message with haste.

20. Being a Bear in a Dream

Changing into a different animal (also called Zoomorphism) in dreams symbolizes a significant change in how you live in real life. It may be a new job, environment, choices, decisions, and a new view of life.

Pay attention to how you feel when you morph into a different being. A positive feeling is a good omen signifying positive outcomes in your life changes and vice versa.

Biblical Meaning of Bears in Dreams

The bear is compared to a lion in many instances of the Old Testament; from a heated conversation between Saul and David to anecdotes in Proverbs. The references showcase the great power and fearsome strength of the bear.

Bears are also used as symbolic animals in a huge part of Daniel’s prophecies as well as John’s in Revelation. They all signify immense power and huge influence over a great masses and congregation- Proverbs 28:15, “Like a roaring lion or a charging bear, is a wicked ruler over a helpless people.”

Interpreting bear dreams according to Biblical terms shows us that the bear is a creature to be feared, comparable to the ruthless king of the jungle. He may symbolize great battles to come, immense triumphs you have had over considerable challenges, and how confident you are.

Bears are also seen as the most protective creatures in the wild. The Bible compares a grieving bear’s wrath to that of a strong charging army – 2 Samuels 17:8, “…they are fighters, and as fierce as a wild bear robbed of her cubs….”

Bears also symbolize a protective parent or caregiver willing to do anything to ensure the safety and happiness of her kids.


Summing Up

Dreams about bears are great signs of good things to come. They showcase your inner strength, aggression to conquer all, and peaceful nature to care for others and what is put under your care.

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