Monkey in Dream: Symbolism, Spiritual & Religion Meaning

Monkeys and members of the ape family are the closest resemblances to humans in the animal kingdom, which explains why they are ominous and worrisome when we see them in our dreams. They point to our enticing childish nature but also our frail being.

Monkeys are a sign of cheekiness, playfulness, childish fun & demeanor, adoration, physical prowess, and incredible skills.

In other cases, monkey dreams act as a warning of incoming deceit, betrayal, and enemy attacks. Monkeys are a wake-up call to fake friendships, lingering enemies, and worrisome activities that make you anxious about your goals.

These dreams are always welcome since they help you stay aware of your surroundings. Monkeys are intelligent creatures that bring us comfort and assurance to trust our instincts and skills in order to make a significant change.

Read on to learn of the various symbolism involved in a monkey dream. Learn about the various monkey dreams and what they are pointing you toward – whether you need to celebrate your accomplishments or weed out the snakes lying within your circles.

Please pay close attention to all the happenings in your dream; these unique details will help you know what your specific dream is about.

The Symbolism Behind a Monkey Dream


Monkeys are the most cheerful of creatures in the jungle. They are a great reminder of our cheekiness and childish behaviors that are endearing and lovable. Dreams with monkeys point to these characters in us, more so when the people we love are involved.


Immaturity is a key theme that we associate with monkeys every day. As intelligent as we know they are, monkeys are our closest comparison to a grown person with childish tendencies.

Monkeys act as a warning to immature aggressive, and moody behaviors that we engage in to get our way around certain life situations.


Monkeys are an indication of our souls’ craving for relaxation. We compare ourselves to monkeys and usually envy their laid-back personalities and carefree life. It is an indication to take a step back and put less emphasis on the draining pursuits of everyday life.


Ominous creatures they are, especially when you dream of black monkeys. These creatures act as a sign of the troubles to come – particularly from your close circle.

Betrayal & Deceit

Fake & dishonest friendships are a close theme when you see a monkey in your dream. A monkey signifies the betrayal lingering close within your family and friends, waiting to pounce on you at a moment’s notice.

Adoration of nature

In a peaceful dream and state, monkeys embody our love for nature and our loving inclination to take care of the environment.

10 Examples of a Monkey Dream and their Meaning

Examples of a Monkey Dream and their Meaning

1. Playing with Monkey in Dream

It is always a good sign when you dream about monkeys playing with you or vice versa. This dream is a clear indication that you are at a blessing juncture in your life when everything is falling into place, and your mind is at peace to give you this pleasant, relaxing dream.

2. Laughing Monkey

However, watching out for laughter when playing with monkeys in a dream would be best. If a monkey is laughing at you, then you will not like it. It is a sign of embarrassment and condemnation you are receiving for your effort. Enemies are looking forward to your failure

This also points to someone or a group of people mocking you. It is a warning for you to stay strong and maintain your ground as tough times are coming when you will feel alone and embarrassed by your pursuits.

3. Baby Monkey in Dream

A dream about little monkeys or babies of the ape family is a good omen. It signifies a big step in your life when you are preparing to welcome a new young member into your life.

It is more significant when you are having a baby and are looking forward to being a great parent. Little monkeys are a foreshadowing of the great things to come.

4. Fighting with Monkey in Dream

What does Angry Monkey in a dream mean? Mostly signifies that your enemies are coming for you and want to see your end. Suppose you are the one fighting the monkey in the dream.

In that case, the monkey is a sign of your childish behavior towards other people when they wrong you – getting aggressive, having a moody demeanor, and resorting to childish resolutions to get your way.

5. White/Black/Brown Monkey in Dream

Dreams about black monkeys are more common than those about white or brown ones.

The black monkey is a symbol of deceit. Specifically, from the woman in your life with whom you feel happy yet suspicious.

White and brown monkeys are a sign of intelligence, closeness, and playfulness that you find in those you hold dear.

6. Monkey Bite in Dream

A monkey biting you or eating a person in a dream indicates the highest level of betrayal and deceit, like sacrificing one’s soul. It is among the scariest monkey dreams anyone can have.

An aggressive monkey bite shows your worst enemy is making her move, and you need to brace yourself for the impact. The enemy can be a friend, family, boss, your business, or a worsening health condition.

If the bite is not aggressive and more of a playful act, then you are in luck. This dream showcases a new love interest that has entered your life. You are in love with someone and can’t wait to get lovey-dovey with them.

7. Hugging Monkey in Dream

Hugging a monkey in your dream is another love interest showcasing the playfulness of your heart. You are at peace with the person you are romantically involved with, and you love cuddling them, caring for them, and showering them with all your love and affection.

So, what if you are hugging or holding a baby monkey in the dream? In this case, the love you have is for a little one, your baby, niece, or nephew, that you cannot help but feel close to and want to protect and love at all costs. The same applies to feeding a monkey in your dream.

8. Monkey Chasing Me in Dream

What Does It Mean to Dream of Monkeys Chasing You?

Aggressive monkeys represent unsafe, deceitful, and fake friends in dreams. Trusted family and friends are on the verge of betraying you, and they can’t wait to see you fail; at least, that is what your instincts are trying to tell you.

Build up your defenses; it is time to be stronger and be more careful with those around you.

9. Dream of Monkey Following You

Suppose the monkey is slowly following you in the dream; then fear not, for there is no danger. The monkey points to responsibilities that fall on your shoulder and how you are seen as a mentor to those around you.

10. Dream of Monkey Coming Inside House

A monkey entering a house is a warning of incoming threats. Your home is where you feel safe and free.

A monkey coming inside shows an unknown entity that has recently entered your life, and you are unsure of their intent toward what you hold dear. It is time to keep your eyes open.

What Does a Monkey Dream Mean Spiritually?

Biblical Interpretation of A Monkey Dream

Consulting the Bible is the first step for a Christian who wants to know the spiritual meaning of a monkey in a dream. As you have seen, monkeys greatly signify betrayal & deceit in most cases. It is also important to note the resemblance of monkey dreams to snake dreams.

The meaning of the monkey dream from the Christian point of view points to animalistic behavior, childish behavior, malice, impure thoughts, lust, and greed, all common to you and your human relations.

Snake dreams, on the other hand, signify the devil, dangerous enemies, untrustworthy friends, and deceitful acquaintances you should avoid at all costs.

What Does Seeing a Monkey in A Dream Mean in Islam?

Monkey in a dream in Islam is best interpreted by one of Islam’s prolific dream interpreters, Ibn Sirin. According to the Islamic depiction of monkeys, they are considered a worrisome omen you need to be aware of at all times.

These intelligent creatures’ cunning and ingenious nature are signs of a lurking enemy planning your downfall near you. It is not an enemy you can clearly discern, but the danger is real. The monkey also points towards sickness and deceit from a female friend/lover.

Seeing Monkeys in A Dream in Hinduism

In Hinduism, a monkey is compared to Lord Hanuman, the monkey commander of the monkey army. Happiness and prosperity are what distinguish Lord Hanuman. He is widely known for reaching up into the sky to grab the sun when he was a child; he thought it was a fruit.

As much as a monkey in a dream signifies the playfulness of the creature in Hinduism, it also showcases the ingenious intelligence of the peculiar animal.

A worrisome monkey dream is very unsettling because it shows something is afoot, and you should look for an imminent betrayal, deceit, or attack.


Final Thoughts

A monkey in your dream can be very disturbing, especially when you wake up terrified of what you just saw. Fear not, as the monkey is always an indication of good things to come or worrisome situations you can easily avoid since you are an ingeniously skilled person.

Please remember that it is important to note the specific details of your dreams in order to come to the right conclusion about what they might mean to you. A good tip for this is to keep a dream journal on your nightstand to jot down those incredible experiences.

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