Dream Of Holding A Baby Meaning

dream of holding a baby

Babies are lovely, innocent, and a joy to be with. They’re precious, adorable, and mostly friendly. Holding a baby in your arms can be heart-warming, especially when it is a happy baby. If the baby giggles and smiles back at you-it’s a magical moment. Dreaming about holding a baby in the dream represents a lot … Read more

Dream About Vomiting Meaning and Interpretation

vomiting in dream meaning

The most problematic symptom of illness for many people is vomiting. Even worse, some people have emetophobia – the fear of vomiting. Although an unpleasant experience, vomiting helps to purge our body of something it perceives as dangerous. It can be a harmful infection or a substance that the body is suspicious about. Your body … Read more

Dreams About Being Chased Meaning

dreams about being chased

Being chased in real life is not a funny experience. It will pop your adrenaline, raise your pulse, and leave you with sweaty palms. You can relate to these feelings if a school bully or a stray dog ever chased you. Dreams about being chased leave you with the same experience. No one enjoys being … Read more

Dreaming of Graveyard or Cemetery Meaning

Dream About Graveyard

Sometimes what we see in our dreams can signify something different from what they naturally stand for. For example, the dream of a cemetery may have nothing to do with death in the literal sense. For that reason, you should not be afraid. In this post, you will discover the meaning, symbolism, and implications of … Read more

Dream About Roller Coaster Meaning

dream about roller coaster

In all honesty, riding a roller coaster can be exciting as well as terrifying. Gosh! The rush of adrenaline at the twists and turns can be embarrassing. You can wake up sweaty and scared after having a dream about riding on a roller coaster. However, the dream contains significant messages and meanings. By understanding the … Read more

Dream About Dog Attack Meaning

dog attack dream

Some people believe that dreams are nothing but memory games and the mind is trying to get rid of trash. But, research has shown that dreams carry hidden messages and often reveal the state of our subconscious minds. Dreaming about animals is very significant and can to give us valuable information about our waking lives. … Read more

Dreaming of Stealing Money Meaning

stealing money in a dream

Money is crucial to life. We need it to pay our bills, live a good life, and support family and friends. Money is, without a doubt, a vital part of everyday life. However, money acquired illegally can get us into problems. One of the most frequent crimes in human history is stealing. It can come … Read more

Dream of Kissing Someone on The Lips Meaning

dreaming of kissing someone on the lips

Whether you view dreams as an under-researched physiological process or a way of communication between your conscious and subconscious mind, the fact is that dreams never leave us indifferent. Our fascination with dreams may lie in the fact that we do not control them, cannot influence them, and often do not even understand their meaning … Read more

Dreaming of Being Held Hostage Meaning

dreaming of being held hostage

Dreams don’t just happen at random. They always have a deeper meaning. Dreaming that you are being held hostage can be incredibly terrifying. This is true especially if the people holding you captive are hostile. Dreams often reflect your real-life experiences. Dreaming of being held hostage can be a sign that you’re feeling stuck by … Read more

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