Killing Snake in Dream Meaning: Good or Bad?

killing snakes in dreams

You are walking on the road, and suddenly a snake appears in front of you. It jumps on you and you freeze in dread. But somehow you recollected yourself and slayed the snake with your hands. After that, you wake up sweating and feeling scared, only to realize it was all a dream. Dreams of … Read more

Lizard in Dream Meaning & Symbolism

dream of lizard

The symbolism of lizards is fascinating and widespread. Lizards and humans have a close relationship, and some species of lizards are kept as pets, such as bearded dragons, iguanas, and geckos. Lizards are some of the most common reptiles found in the wild, as well as in the civilized world. There are over 7000 species … Read more

What Does Dreaming of Snow Mean?

dreaming about snow

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of snow? You probably think of people covered up in blankets, watching a movie while drinking hot chocolate. You might think of children playing outside and making a snowman, or snowflakes falling from the sky. Snow is a magnificent element of nature that … Read more

Dreams About Period Blood Meaning

dream of period blood

Dreaming about menstruation or period blood is quite common in females. Sometimes, it could simply be a form of biological alert from your body to get the ice cream tubs ready, but when it’s not that time of the month and you feel that there’s a deeper meaning to these dreams, its only natural to … Read more

What Does It Mean When Dream About Water?

dream meaning of water

Water is essential for life on our planet. In order to go on with our daily activities, we as humans need water. It is important for drinking, cleaning, washing, and breathing. Water is the basis of all life, especially when you take into consideration that our bodies are made out of 60% water. Living without … Read more

Monkey in Dream: Symbolism, Spiritual & Religion Meaning

Monkey in Dream Meaning

Monkeys and members of the ape family are the closest resemblances to humans in the animal kingdom, which explains why they are ominous and worrisome when we see them in our dreams. They point to our enticing childish nature but also our frail being. Monkeys are a sign of cheekiness, playfulness, childish fun & demeanor, … Read more

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